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Oct 17, 2013 07:07 PM

Bend for breakfast

After seeing other recent recommendations for dinner we decided to go to Ariana for dinner tomorrow night. But then there is the next morning. Some well traveled friends said go to Chow. But we don't always agree on what is and isn't good. Can anyone else throw out a suggestion?

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  1. McKay Cottage. Probably a wait, large portions, excellent.

    1. Chow is a great place, but you will be waiting for a while if you go there. Its well worth it if you have the chance. Like Steve K mentioned, McKay is awesome! one of my favs. The key is to call ahead (right before you head to McKay) and get your name the time you arrive, you dont have to wait as long. other top spots:
      Breakfast Club
      Brother Jon's (Westside location...weekends only)
      Cafe Sintra
      Pilot Butte
      Rockin Dave's Bagels
      to name a in my other posts...bend has lots and lots of options for a town its size.

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        I liked CHOW, and laughed at the name! ;)

        We waited a bit but it was a beautiful day and we were sitting outside. I got a "bowl" with grain and veggies and it was pretty tasty.

      2. Thank you both appreciate it.