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Oct 17, 2013 06:45 PM

Barrone expansion: Menlo Park

News on the Cafe Barrone expansion into the old Cedro's spot (same building)

Workers were doing drywall today. I asked at Barrone, and the owners of Barrone are planning a high-end take-out operation. Imagine you're coming home and you'd like a nice take out meal for your family. Unclear if they'll also do take out, or the relationship to the Barrone dinner menu.

Whatever happens there, I would guess they'll be ready in a few months, permitting unknown.

On related news, the other rumor is the BBC got bought by the same people who have Gravity and Reposado, but there's no action in terms of construction or whatnot.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Looks like this place may have been soft opening last saturday - there was a crowd inside - and

      "Barrone Marketplace" will likely be open this coming weekend (1 Feb '14 or similar).

      1. That sounds great... on a side note, I wish Cafe Borrone would bring back their "Works" turkey sandwich (with cream cheese and cranberry sauce). I loved it!

        1. Rumor update on BBC: the Borrone staff is still saying the Gravity / Peninsula guys have the old BBC space, but no construction still. They also mentioned "rooftop dining", which would be great.

          Still haven't tried MarketBar because we love Borrone so much.

          1. Construction at the BBC now!

            Rumors of a Rooftop space, as well as a spruced-up interior.

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              There's a container of equipment by the street next to BBC.

              Peeking in the windows, the glorious old bar is gone.

              Maybe next incarnation won't be food/drinks?

              Tokyo Subway will be replaced by another japanese restaurant. Hopefully they'll do more teppanyaki.