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Oct 17, 2013 06:20 PM

Catered Christmas Turkey in Winnipeg???

We live in Los Angeles, but always fly to Winnipeg to spend Christmas with my parents. They're now close to 90, but still living more or less independently. However, we will get there too late to organize Christmas dinner, and I would love to order a high quality ready to eat Christmas turkey to be delivered on Christmas Day. Has anyone in Winnipeg done this and can anyone recommend a caterer or restaurant? (I have high hopes that someone will have done this very thing on Thanksgiving a couple of days ago :) I understand that the Fort Garry might do this, but I've heard mixed reviews of their quality. We can handle the rest of dinner easily, but getting the turkey started is just too much, especially when both parents insist on getting involved in the prep. Going out used to be an option, but isn't realistic now. I appreciate any suggestions!

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  1. Just stumbled upon your post today....not certain if you found a solution??
    The Fairmont Hotel Winnipeg does a "Turkey Take-out" which is quite lovely. A co-worker of mine uses the service every year.
    Ph (204) 957-1350 or (204) 985-6212

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      I haven't yet found a solution, so thank you for replying--I was just about to start calling hotels! My mother, of course, still insists this isn't necessary, but I'd like to take away the major stressors so we can all enjoy being together as a family :) Thanks again!!!