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Oct 17, 2013 05:09 PM

Fragrant Jasmine Rice?

Does anybody know of a current supply of *fragrant* jasmine rice in town? I had an awesome bag of super-fragrant jasmine rice, Dynasty brand, about a year ago but the last two bags have been not much more than plain than white rice. I've also tried 4 or 5 other brands in the meantime and same thing - nothing more than plain white rice. it's really bumming me out. Now I'm out of rice again and am determined to find one would like to find a GOOD brand for a change.

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  1. You mean that you bought two more Dynasty bags, and that those weren't as fragrant as the first?

    I did a quick search: fragrant "jasmine rice" on Amazon, and there are a lot of brands labeled as such.

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      The first bag of Dynasty was the best rice I've ever had. The later two were just normal white rice.

      All jasmine rice is marketed as fragrant. I am looking for first-hand testimonials of recent purchases rather than questionable product marketing claims. I ask for recent since quality within the same brand varies from year to year depending on the crops.

      The Jasmati(tm) for example has been lousy the last two years because of the drought conditions. I think they're getting it from other sources.