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Oct 17, 2013 04:40 PM

Dinner Options in Big Sur


I'm planning a trip to Big Sur first week of Jan 2014 with my wife, sister in law and her husband.

We had originally planned for either Deetjen's or Sierra Mar (post ranch inn) for dinner.

However, Sierra Mar opens at 530pm and by then we'll have missed the sunset and it'll all be too dark for the view.

We were going with Deetjen when I read that they have a house cat that roams freely in the restaurant. The problem is that both my wife and her sister has a deep phobia for cats (something with their childhood) and with a cat in the restaurant would just make dinner very unpleasant for them.

What other options or advice would you suggest? would really love to try deetjens though..

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  1. I've eaten dinner and breakfast at Deetjen's a few times and never noticed a cat. Give them a call and ask about it.

    Another place to try for dinner would be Nepenthe.

    1. The restaurant at Ventana would be most similar to sierra mar- although a distant second place. Regardless of the view the food is spectacular at sierra

      1. The buzz machine is focused currently on the newly reopened Big Sur Roadhouse. Haven't been there yet myself, here's the website.

        The view from Ventana is incredible. A good place to have a pre-dinner cocktail to see the sunset, then pick another place to eat.

        1. Thank you all for your tips.