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Oct 17, 2013 04:04 PM

Stand mixer: Bowl lift or tilt head?

I've only had experience with my friend's bowl lift model Kitchenaid stand mixer.

I was wondering if there are any specific benefits of the tilt head model?

Which do you prefer, and why?

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  1. The bowl lift ones are rather awkward BUT they are steadier and better able to handle heavy/stiff doughs than the tilt-head models. Not positive, but I think their motors may have more horsepower, too.

    1. We are a family of 3 (1 brother, 1 daughter & me) tilt head Kitchen Aid mixers (Artisan model). My other brother has the lift (Pro Model). The Pro model has more power. I have never felt like my Artisan lacked for power though. It is 10-years-old, well-loved, and made its share of bread dough, cookie batter and meringue.

      It probably comes down to personal preference and budget. I think the lift is a pain and is more expensive.

      On the pro side for the Pro... My brother uses attachments for grinding meat and making sausage. I don't use any attachments. So, I don't know if power matters for the grinder or pasta attachments.

      My neighbor thought she wanted the Pro (because she read that the Artisan didn't have enough power) and borrowed my Artisan for a couple of weeks to play with it. She ended up buying an Artisan.

      No matter which you get, HAVE FUN!!! KitchenAid mixers are the best toy ever made.

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        If the OP is actually shopping for a KA, I recommend searching eBay for a Hobart-era model, since those, now mostly 50+yrs old, have a better track record than the newer models. Unless you really luck out (I did, because the seller described it as a Hobart Dough mixer, omitting mention of KA), you won't pay much less than you would for a new one.

      2. I grew-up using a bowl-lift and now have my own tilt-head mixer. Let me tell you: the tilt-head mixer is annoying. 100% Annoying.

        Especially if you are used to the bowl-lift, I find it very hard to scrape around the bowl because the annoying whisk attachment is sticking/pointing in my face. Annoying. Also, with the tilt-head, I usually turn the speed up just a bit, for a second while the bowl is down to just get the extra batter off of the whisk or paddle.. however, with the tilt-head, there is no way to "speed"-it-off since you cannot move the bowl down.

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        1. re: GraceW

          I'd expect it'd be hard to use that spatter shield too (really should be called the Flying Flour Shield!).

          Bought both of my KAs old - first one off the ground at a flea market, battered and in need of about $100 worth of work; second one refurbished from an antiques mall for $110, plus a new meat grinder attachment for another $20. Both ca. 195?. Attachments from any era fit and work just fine. I won't ever have a tilt-head.

          1. re: Will Owen

            My tilt-head one is also used/secondhand so... if/when it had a shield, then I don't have it. If/when I need one, I suppose it is a good idea to look online for that too. Thanks.

          2. re: GraceW

            Proofread, please. You've mixed up the styles.

            1. re: greygarious

              No, I do not have them mixed up. I have a tilt-head, and I do not like it. And if/when the tilt-head ever came with a shield, I do not have one of those either. End of story.

              1. re: GraceW

                "...with the tilt-head, I usually turn the speed up just a bit, for a second while the bowl is down to just get the extra batter off of the whisk or paddle.. however, with the tilt-head, there is no way to "speed"-it-off ..."

                Surely you meant lift-bowl in the first line. As it reads now, you are contradicting yourself.

                1. re: greygarious

                  Yes, you are correct--however, I thought you were commenting on my follow-up post to Will Owen, and I did not find an error in that portion. Therefore, I do hereby apologize for the error in my original post; I apologize if such an error offended you. I try otherwise to avoid errors in posts and real-life. Thank you and apologies.

            1. I have a tilt-head that I got with some kind of points that were about to expire. I love it, BUT, IIRC the bowl lift has a bigger bowl and stronger motor. I would like the bigger bowl as some dough recipes are hard to knead in the smaller bowl.

              I got a "flying flour shield" with it and use that a lot. I also got a "regular" paddle with rubber scrapers on the sides as a gift. That is a fantastic addition and definitely worth the price. (I'm not enamored with the pasta roller, but we use the meat grinder to save on the price of ground non-beef meats.)