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Oct 17, 2013 03:48 PM

A rarity and may be the Best Chinese 'Complimentary' soup in the GTA

" Pig's stomach with White Peppercorns, Ginkgo Nuts, Yuba Skin and aged Tangarine skin double boiled soup "

To most, if not all of my fellow Oriental chowhounder friends, this rarity of a Chinese 'long simmered' soup should be pretty well known and appreciated. Usually, it has to be pre-ordered and one has to be prepared to pay a decent price for it.

Yesterday, a group of foodies landed at our current favorite Chinese restaurant - Fung Lam Court, for a casual dinner. Most of the dishes we ordered, I believe I have already covered in previous postings

However, unlike previous meals, yesterday, the wait staff surprised us by delivering a huge bowl of the above captioned soup to our table as their complimentary soup offering! We were all stunned!! The soup was so milky and dense, like a Japanese Tonkatsu and reflecting the long hours it has spend simmering in the master pot. Flavor wise, it was so delicate and yet intense with meat and Yuba creaminess, Gingko's mintiness and hints of spicy peppercorn heat. So good! It reminds me of the one I had at Hong Kong's Michelin 1* Xin Dau Ji this year!! I think the FLC version was even better!

One ordinary dish, which we have not previously ordered, was no slouch and worth a mention. " Sauteed Free range chicken with shallots and black bean sauce ", this dish arrived at the table piping hot and full of smokey wok-hay aroma. The chicken pieces were chewy yet tender and nicely caramelized by the heat of the wok. Flavor wise, it was pretty good, just a touch less delectable than Judy's Cuisine version. Still, its great by GTA's standard!

Lastly, another previously untried dish was extremely tasty, though spoiled by our paying too much attention to the Creamy Rum Crab dish and letting the fish gets cold before trying! Sigh!!. " Stirred fry Garoupa filet with Garlic Sprouts and XO sauce ". this dish was again full of Wok-hay and the spiciness of the XO sauce really elevates the dish. Way better than the $75 muddy fish I had at Yang's over the long weekend!!

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  1. Nice! This is the number one soup (together with a similar version made with the pig's lungs) that I most often crave but end up unsatiated, because it is hard to find a good place that serves it.

    I would make my way there even just for that soup, if it is that good! Now if there is a way to find out in advance on which days they serve it as the complementary soup, that would be even better.

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      Just give them a call at: 905 947 8988

    2. I love Chinese soups. Too bad I'm not planning to have any Chinese food when I'm back in Toronto next month (except for Omei).

      Funny you mention xin dau ji, I was at the one in Jordan (2nd floor of the building beside) a few nights ago. I remember commenting on how good the soup was (unfortunately it became unmemorable as I had even better soup at a Shanghainese restaurant in Wan Chai the next night. The pig was fantastic and warrants a trip back though for sure!

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        Yes! XDJ's roasted suckling pig is pretty damn good. However, when compare to say Fook Lam Moon or Guo Fu Lou, the latter even trump XDJ's!! So, one can imagine the high standard of this type of cooking in Hong Kong!!

        On this note, I was told by the lady owner of Casa Victoria in Markham that the chefs responsible for their Roasted suckling pig and Pigeons actually honed their skills in Hong Kong's Michelin star Fook Lam Moon before coming over!! No wonder Casa Victoria has one of the best and most consistent 'Banquet' whole suckling piglet in the GTA!