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Oct 17, 2013 03:41 PM

Brooklyn Pilsner eruptions.

What is it about Brooklyn Pilsner that makes it foam over every 10th bottle or so? It happens regardless of provenance, temperature, agitation or the lack thereof. Good beer, but messy.

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  1. And why is it a buttery mess sometimes? And why does their Oktoberfest taste like crap when it used to be one of the better ones made in the US? #contractbrew

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    1. re: LStaff

      It seems the only good Brooklyn Beers I've had in the last couple of years have been the large-format bottles: Locals 1 and 2 and Sorachi Ace.

      1. re: Josh

        I think the Chocolate Stout is their best beer, but those you listed are also good. I live very close to their Brooklyn operation and almost never drink their stuff except for Sorachi Ace, which is nice on draft.

        1. re: Silverjay

          I forgot to mention the Monster Ale, too. I found it undrinkable when fresh, but with 4-5 years aging it was delicious.

    2. Sounds like the brewer is having sanitation problems, with random bottles getting infected? If it only happens to one in ten bottles in a case, it is certainly mysterious, but sounds like the kind of gushers one encounters when sanitation is compromised. How is the taste?

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      1. re: Tripeler

        Never say never, but if those beers are made at Matt, I would think they would have firm control over bacterial issues.

          1. re: knucklesandwich

            Well, if it doesn't affect the taste, then it is certainly unrelated to sanitation. Purely a conditioning question, then.

        1. Sounds like sloppy technique. I like some of the Brooklyn brews, but have always found them to be of variable quality/consistency.

          Since not all of their production is made at FX Matt, I wonder if the problem is at their Brooklyn plant?

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          1. re: The Professor

            Don't all the 12oz 6pks come out of Matt?

            1. re: Jim Dorsch

              Yeah, that is the way it has always been up 'til now, and even though Brooklyn's expanded the capacity of their home facility I haven't heard anything about a 12 oz., crown-capping bottling line - Brooklyn only has their 750ml. cork/caged unit.

              Brooklyn's labeling has also always been very transparent - the contract-brewed bottles from Matt have always said "Brooklyn Brewery, Utica, NY" (unlike the cans coming from local competition, Sixpoint, that come from The Lion but make no note of it).

              1. re: JessKidden

                Interesting...I knew that Brookly Lager was practically born at Matt. Didn't know that all 12 ounce products _still_ come from there.

            2. re: The Professor

              It's in a lot of deli cases in NYC. Hasn't anyone else been foamed?