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London dim sum

Where is your favorite place?

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    1. Imperial China was very passable, in Chinatown (around back, on Lisle Street). Shanghai Blue and Yauatcha are both good although they tend to lean more towards the fusion end of things.

      If you venture south of the river, Dragon Castle on Walworth Road is excellent (disclaimer: I haven't been there for dim sum yet but two dinners have been absolutely on point).

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            Had lunch at Yauatcha this past Friday. Along with an order of congee, I had an order each of crab dumplings and har gow. While the shrimp filling was good, the crab did not taste particularly fresh and was so densely packed that the texture approached that of surimi. Not appealing, particularly at £11+ per order. The wrappers on both were thick, gummy, and — at least as it applied to the crab — poorly wrapped. Left me quite dissatisfied at £34 for 3 dishes and a beer plus VAT and service charge.

            Pearl Liang has been my go-to since moving to London. Been very happy with the quality of all the steamed dishes; though, occasionally the fried items haven't been top notch. Quality food but still at a rather reasonable price.

          1. I haven't had dim sum in London very often, but my vote would be for Pearl Liang. My next try will definitely be Royal China Club.

            1. Thanks, folks! I've only been to Yum Cha in Camden, pretty good I thought, and another place which I don't remember in Chinatown about 3.5 years ago and want to try more based on fellow Chow's favourites. How about Hakkasan? Is it worth the price?

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                Similar to Yauatcha (was same owner) but more night clubby. I don't buy the concept of cheap dim sum so I would say yes. I live in HK and even here the better dim sum is in the higher priced places. Good dim sum takes skill and is refined and that costs money.

              2. Another for Pearl Liang. Grand Imperial at 101 Buckingham Palace Road, London SW1W 0SJ is tasty if you need to be in the Victoria area, although I was annoyed that they'd cut down the size of their £10 dim sum lunch special so much that you might as well order a la carte.

                1. I really rated Bright Courtyard on Baker St when I went a few months ago. Going again tomorrow and hoping the standards have been maintained. Prices probably along the lines of Pearl Liang, maybe a notch higher.

                  1. Going to London with my girls next week during half term and going to try Pearl Yauatcha. I'll have to see where they're located and decide. If near by, maybe I'll try both. Ha ha! Greedy ;)

                    Now, in Chinatown, is there any good street food vendor? Maybe there's a hidden gem somewhere there?

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                      You don't really get street food in Chinatown, at least not Chinese street food. If you did, chances are it'd be pretty ropey, too.

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                        In Chinatown, there are a few stalls across from the Canton -- the north-most one makes pretty good Tianjin-style crepes with egg-- just be sure to skip the canned sausage: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/870574

                        The steamed buns across from Baozi Inn are decent.

                        Haven't been paying attention, but there's also a stand on Gerrard that makes "dragon-beard" candy 龙鬚糖 -- delicate handspun sugar threads around a sweet peanut centre.

                      2. My favs (in order):
                        1/ Min Jiang
                        2/ Yauatcha
                        3/ Pearl Liang- best value

                        I also really liked Royal China Club but have only been once so would not want to put it on the list.

                        1. Yauatcha or Royal China.

                          1. Pearl Liang is always my first choice and they have finally added some more dim sum choices.

                            If I was in central London, I'd probably go to Haozhan (which has a very small dim sum menu), Joy King Lau or London Jade Garden. Still haven't been to Grand Imperial...

                            1. Has anyone been to Harbour City on Gerrard Street (http://www.chinatownlondon.org/page/h...) lately? It's one of the oldies but the last time I ate there was in 1994 - Cantonese, spoken with a unique British twang, could still be heard in there back then (spoken by the "BBC" - British-born Chinese).
                              These days, Mandarin spoken with a Northern Chinese accent is more common in Chinatown, as recent immigrants from Mainland China take over the place.

                              1. Hakkasan. expensive but nice.
                                they have two places in London and one in San Fransisco.
                                Try their Rhubarb Margarita too.

                                1. An honourable mention for Mao Tai Kitchen that has some of the more interesting dumplings around, but doesn't have all the dim sum classics. Their Spicy lamb and leek dumplings are very good, as are the pork and pak choi grilled dumplings and the seafood in supreme stock ones.

                                  Yauatcha is probably my favourite all rounder with

                                  Joy King Lau for cheap eats and Royal China (Bayswater) usually has interesting specials.

                                  1. I had Dim Sum in Hutong in the Shard on Saturday, Its is expensive but the dim sum are very good quality and you are paying for the view.

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                                      I suppose given it costs £25 to just go to the top of the Shard if you fancy seeing the view it gives you a £50 head start on dinner.

                                      Then again from what I've read that might not be enough to make Hutong good value...