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Oct 17, 2013 02:58 PM

Need recos for bday dinner for 10

Hi everyone,
I'm struggling to find a nice restaurant for my birthday that can accommodate a group of 10 people. Most places can only take 8 people max. Any suggestions? Any type of cuisine. About 50$ per head. Good food, wine, atmosphere. Thanks!!

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  1. Most places, unless they are very small (and thus have limited kitchen, seating and serving capacity for a group), can easily accommodate 10. There are a few that can't, or won't, but I regularly make reservations for a group of up to 10, and have rarely encountered problems. You really shouldn't have problems finding a place. There are plenty of threads on this list that will give you ideas.

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      Thank you all for your suggestions. There are a few restos on that list that I haven't tried yet!

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        One thing you might want to keep in mind is that it's always far easier to make group reservations for a weeknight than for a weekend evening - restaurants that will accommodate you on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday with no problems may not be as willing to do so on a Friday or Saturday at 8 pm.

    2. Make two reservations. One for 6 and one for 4. Or two for 5 each. Go where you want instead of being forced to go someplace second rate,

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        There are plenty of places that will accommodate 10, which don't fall into the "second rate" category by any stretch of the imagination (au Pied de Cochon being one example that will accommodate large groups if reserved enough in advance).
        I would not suggest making 2 reservations at any place that won't accommodate 10 - it means the group will be split up at separate tables (odds are that they will not put a group of 6 right next to the group of 4 - if they could do that, they would probably allow a reservation for 10 in the first place) and likely will be seated and served at 2 completely different times, so it kind of defeats the purpose. If a place won't take a reservation for 10, there's usually a reason - not just because they don't feel like it.

        Some places that can and will (or at least have in the past)accommodate groups of 10, off the top of my head, include Holder, Les Enfants Terribles, Au Petit Extra, Imadake (at the big table in the centre), Salle a Manger, Lemeac, Laloux, Kitchen Galerie, 3 Petits Bouchons. Some might be a bit over your price range, once wine is factored in, though.

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          A birthday celebration is about the people and celebrating together not about a dining experience. 50$ a head is not very much so i would suggest something more casual and fun. My favourite resto for a fun night is Mythos.. You can pre order a set menu, prices vary but I've done it for 35$, and people can mingle. You can switch seats, and dance if the party is on a Saturday night. There is no wasted time in ordering, no confusion on bill(alcohol is a separate bill) . The food is pretty good too.