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Oct 17, 2013 02:51 PM

Best food artisans in Baja California

I'm building a foodie destination in southern Baja--in Todos Santos, a 250-year-old farming and fishing village on the Pacific Coast about 45 minutes north of Cabo. It's already a wonderful place to be hungry, with great restaurants, fresh produce, and plentiful seafood.

I'm looking for recommendations of food artisans, chefs, farmers, ranchers, food entrepreneurs--really, anyone related to food--who might be interested in expanding to one of the most beautiful and vibrant places in all of Baja.

So let me know--who are your food favorites in Baja?'


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  1. are you looking for information on people already here in todos or people who want to relocate here?

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        chocolates la laguna - Shauna Hughes - wonderful truffles - There are a few caterers who do nice work with local ingredients - one grows her own. I hesitate to put their information out without knowing more of your plans.
        I suggest you post something on - read by most everyone in pescadero and todos