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Dinner near the Danforth Music Hall?

A friend and I are going to a concert at the Danforth Music Hall this Sunday and are interested in having dinner nearby before the show. I've checked previous threads for restaurants in the area, but those are all several years old. Would anyone have any recommendations for moderately priced restaurants in the area? Thanks!

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  1. Allen's, just west of the theatre. Decent food and lots of beer options. All within walking distance

    1. I second Allens, make a reservation if possible.

      1. Pizza Libretto isn't far.

        1. As mariecollins suggests, Pizza Libretto is a great option if you hanker pizza and a little walk. It's about 6 blocks or so to DMH, maybe a tad more.

          If you feel like tacos, right across the street is Combine Eatery. Tried it recently and had a very nice meal. Service is pleasant and the place is quite comfortable. We were pleased.

          Allen's has never impressed me but it's also right next door.

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            Allen's will probably be packed - but you may end up drinking with the band before they go on!

          2. There are many choices on Danforth Ave within a 10 minute walk, here are some options, mainly from closest to farther away from the Music Hall:

            - lounge menu at Globe Bistro, almost all items under $20 and 1/2 price bottles of wine on Sunday.

            - Combine Eatery as mentioned by millygirl.

            - Allen's but there are better places (you will never find me in there)

            - Asteria Souvlaki Place, 292 Danforth Ave.
            We tried this about 2 months back when just looking for a place to stop for a beer and the food is decent and low priced, but very "old school atmosphere"

            - Auld Spot Pub, 347 Danforth Ave
            Has decent food, here is the menu: http://www.auldspot.ca/files/menu-foo...

            7Numbers Danforth, 307 Danforth Ave

            Pantheon is also a good choice : http://www.pantheonrestaurant.ca/

            1. Auld Spot is my go-to on that stretch of Danforth. I've never had a bad meal there

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                It really is pretty darn good! It would be a great choice, far better than the Combine Eatery. I've eaten at Conbine three times but it's not on our list of places to eat at on Danforth Ave, just like Allen's is not.

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                  Let me clarify -

                  Combine Eatery isn't exactly in my Top 10 either BUT if you need a place close to DMH it's a viable option. You could do worse. Actually the whole taco thing isn't for me but we tried it and it was an enjoyable evening. The space is clean and comfortable, the staff very friendly and the food was passable, maybe a tad salty but I figure that's just me.

                  I found Auld Spot to be okay also. I wouldn't say it's any better or worse than Combine. Again, I felt the food was very salty.

                  I totally forgot about 7 Numbers though!!! That would be my first choice. Food is delicious.

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                    millygirl, what would be your top ten on Danforth Ave? I find Pizza Libretto just OK, I don't like that style of pizza and also don't find good value there. Maybe it's time to start a Top 10 Danforth Ave 2013 thread!

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                      Ahhh good one foodyDudey, although 10 would be tough. Past 5 and I'd be lying.

                      Generally speaking we dine on the Danforth for weekday in a hurry meals only AND hubby doesn't care much for greek food. Sad but true!

                      But here goes

                      Aji Sai
                      Mocha Mocha
                      7 Numbers
                      Pizza Libretto
                      Silk Road - take out
                      I'll Fornello
                      Danforth Dragon - take out only

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                  +1 for Auld Spot!

                  Maybe a bit too far east for you, but I also like Mezes at 456 Danforth.

                  1. re: midtowngirl

                    I was going to add that to my list but figured I had enough on the list already. It's only a 5 to10 minute walk at most to the Music Hall from there.

                3. Thanks to everyone for the suggestions!

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