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Oct 17, 2013 01:31 PM

ShopHouse Santa Monica (Third Street Promenade) Now Open!

ShopHouse's second L.A. location, on the Third Street Promenade, is officially open for business. Apparently they had a soft-open yesterday, but today's the grand opening day.

My wife and I went to check it out just before noon today. I dropped her off and went to find parking. When she went in, only one other person was in line, so she got our food really quick. By the time I parked and walked in ~10 minutes later, the line was out the door. However, only about a quarter of the seating was taken. Most people were getting the food to go.

My wife's bowl consisted of jasmine rice, grilled chicken satay, green beans, green curry, green papaya slaw, and toasted rice. I tasted it and it definitely had some kick to it.* The spices seemed authentic. I was pleasantly surprised.

My bowl (pictured below) consisted of chilled rice noodles, grilled steak laab, eggplant & Thai basil, tamarind vinaigrette, pickled vegetables, and toasted rice. Again, a little heat, nicely spiced, pleasantly surprised.

In and out, lunch took less than half an hour, but remember that my wife beat the line, and cost less than $16 including tax (no drinks). I'll be back!

*It's not marked on the menu, either online ( or the to-go menus they were handing out, but on the board, there were small "flame" icons to indicate spiciness:

* None of the bases were marked as spicy.
* Of the proteins, only the tofu was marked as spicy, with 1 flame.
* Of the veggies, the order of of spiciness, from 1 flame to 4 flames, was charred corn, eggplant & Thai basil, broccoli, and green beans.
* Of the sauces, the spicy red curry had 4 flames, the green curry had 2 flames, and the tamarind vinaigrette had 1 flame.
* Of the garnish, the green papaya slaw had 1 flame.
* None of the crispy toppings were marked as spicy.

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  1. I had never heard of the first location. Was it $16 for the two of you or per person? It'd be nice to have a cheap and tasty place to eat on 3rd Street....

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    1. re: ilysla

      Less than $16 for both. The beef is $7.50 and the other proteins are all under $7. It is is very affordable. And the portions are reasonable, not too much, not too little. Well priced.

    2. Looks good, and sounds like the most reasonably priced place to eat in the whole area, thanks for the heads up!

      How was the tamarind vinaigrette? Sounds tasty. Little surprised their red Thai curry is hotter than the green, usually it's the other way around. They must use extra red curry or something.

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      1. re: Dirtywextraolives

        Shophouse is solid for fast casual dining. It's in my regular rotation since they have an entirely gluten-free and dairy-free menu.

        The tamarind vinaigrette is light, tangy, and slightly sweet; I usually get it when the weather is warm. Otherwise, I order the green curry, which packs a surprising punch for a corporate chain. I'd also recommend the beef and the meatballs for protein options.

      2. Sounds great! I'm VERY excited for the Westwood Village location to open, although the last time I peeked in, it looked like it had a long way to go.

        1. ShopHouse is giving away bottles of sriracha on Wednesday, January 22, after 5 PM, if you say the phrase "Spice Hoarder" to the person at the register.

          According to the LAW article (, this will happen at all *three* locations, so does that mean the Westwood location is open? Haven't heard a peep about that on CH.

          Edit: Of course, seconds after I hit the button, I see this article ( that says they opened at the beginning of December.

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          1. re: TheOffalo

            You been back Pete?
            Still like it? Looks tasty.

            1. re: Ciao Bob

              Not Peter, but I went back in December. It's the Chipotle version of Thai food, and that's not necessarily a bad thing. Wish the portions were just a *tiny* bit bigger, but I thought the food can have a decent kick (if you want), the ingredients seem above average, and it's a VERY good value for the area (Santa Monica location). I enjoyed it and definitely would go back (although I wouldn't drive out of the way for it).

              1. re: ilysla

                I've been back a few times and I concur with ilysla. It's quick, cheap, not the usual fast-casual fare (at least not on the Westside).