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Oct 17, 2013 12:54 PM

Grotto today?

I went through some old posts on CH and found that there was a lot of love for Grotto but most of it was in the > 1 year mark.

I went recently and found the food to be a mixed bag, the service laughable, and the wine to be stored/served at room temp. It wasn't crazy expensive but the accolades seem far from warranted.

Was this a great place in the past? It was crazy cramped and far from the romantic hideaway reviews make it out to be (but I could see it being that way if it were less crowded, to be fair).

It's not often I go to a place and it's SO far from what I expected (based on Yelp and CH reviews) that I have to assume either a really, really bad night or there's been a serious decline in quality.

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  1. Where have you seen someone on Chowhound describe Grotto as romantic? It's a tiny and cramped basement with low ceilings. I think the food is quite good, and the 3 course price fixe deal is a good value. I can't speak to the wine, but the food has been fairly consistent over the last few years.

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    1. re: mkfisher

      Maybe not on CH but certainly all over Yelp and other lists. Fair enough on the food; I disagree but that's a matter of taste.

      Yelp has 103 mentions of "romantic" under Grotto's page!

      1. re: QuakerInBoston

        Maybe people on Yelp think a tiny basement with low ceilings and densely packed tables is romantic?

        Like I said, I quite enjoy the food. They're not in danger of winning a Beard medal or anything like that, but the food is solid for what they're shooting for. Totally understandable that you disagree. It's not a place I'd go out of my way to suggest (or visit), but in that general neighborhood it is one of the better options at that price point.

    2. Good question, I'll be interested to see answers. Grotto was quite the Chowhound darling a few years ago (especially their "Big Night" special dinners) but I haven't seen much about it lately. I wondered if there had been a chef change?

      1. Been a year or two but I've always liked the food and found it romantic , to each his own.

        1. i agree completely w/ you about it not being romantic. And the chairs are uncomfortable. but it has been like this since Grotto's beginning (and i believe the chairs are leftover from the previous occupant). And i also noted the warm wine and how strange to be served it. that said, there were/are a few menu items that we really liked.

          the chef/owner expanded with Marliave downtown some 5? yrs ago and also, more recently, with Kitchen,iirc, in So.End.

          1. If the service was bad, then that's not good. But it would be really helpful to know WHAT YOU ORDERED to give feedback on whether the food has changed or not. Maybe you ordered new items, maybe old favorites, how do we know?

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            1. re: Alcachofa

              Mussels. Caprese. Short Rib Gnocchi. Beef tenderloin. Panna Cotta. Choc. Cake.

              Even if the food was great (it was not), bad service and terrible wine practices are enough to make me question the comments, no?

              1. re: QuakerInBoston

                I'm annoyed by wines served at the wrong temperatures -- whites at fridge temp, reds at room temp -- too. Way too common in Boston restaurants.


                1. re: MC Slim JB

                  My real concern is that it wasn't super hot when I went but what happens over the summer when it hits 80-90+ in there?! You're going to get a ton of cooked wine!

                  1. re: QuakerInBoston

                    Don't go to Grotto then. Problem solved.

                    1. re: Gabatta

                      Good call. Why even bother discussing restaurant-related things on a restaurant message board? Silly me!