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Tons of green onions

So I went to buy produce and they were selling bags of less than prime for less than one bunch. I brought them home and tossed some and cleaned the rest. What do you do with them?

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  1. Stir fries, larbs, hot and sour soup, miso soup

    1. I hope you did not trim too much off the bottom. Ideally, you've left some root, in which case you can try planting some of them and put others in a jar with emough water to submerge the bottom, which will make them last longer in the refrigerator.

      You can use them in salads and instead of onion in general, but they will get slimy within a week, if that. So before that happens, chop and saute them in your preferred fat, then freeze them for inclusion in sauces, as burger topping, in omelettes, quiche, soup..... You might want to try making onion jam, or chutney. The vinegar in those condiments will help it last longer in the fridge if you don't want to actually can in a water bath.

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        You could also chop all but the bottom 2-3" off, use the green tops, then drop the bottoms in a jar/glass with water. Leave it out on the counter and it'll regrow new greens. You can do this 2-3 times before the new greens start tasting too mild.

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          What I trimmed was inferior since they were past prime. All of the roots stayed intact and were placed in a mason jar with a little water. I know I'm going to have a strong supply for a long while.

      2. You could do a riff on Catalunya grilled calcots. I've done this with both green onion and ramps.
        Get your charcoal very hot, lay the greens on the grate, drizzle with olive oil. Turn often until wilted and somewhat charred.
        Typically, grilled calcots are served with romesco sauce, but the grilled green onions make a great side just as is.

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        1. I love the spanish grilled spring onions with romesco sauce, just swap in the onions you have roasted whole. The sauce here was great:

          1. Mongolian Beef stirfry. Or grill them and blend with mayonnaise, garlic for a green onion aioli.
            A clam/cheese ball with canned clams, bacon, cream cheese, worstershire sauce, rolled in diced green onion.

              1. Thanks everyone, so many great ideas. I'm sure I will try all of them. I'd love a recipe for scallion pancakes.

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                  Try Kenji's (I call him Kenji...) recipe at SeriousEats. Delicious! Whenever I make them, I Ialways wish I'd made more. The recipe is easy (and enjoyable) to make, but takes a fair amount of time, so read it carefully beforehand.

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                    Stay out of my kitchen. Thats the one I use. :P

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                      I love it too. I tried many recipes and this one is the clear winner.

                2. Add to some meat and/or other veggies to make gyoza or potstickers. Scallion oil can be used to drizzle on veggies, baked potatoes or make scallion compound butter for steaks, seafood or to put under the skin of chicken for roasting. Scallion vinaigrette for salads

                  1. Make a green onion sandwich.

                    1. Green onion kimchi
                      Green onion-ginger-oil condiment

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                      1. Make either (or both) of these two items and it will justify your purchase.

                        1.) Scallion hot dog buns

                        2.) Calzone Barese

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                          There's a Turkish lamb dish in Claudia Roden's "The New Book of Middle Eastern Food" called Kuzu Kapama. It calls for a leg of young lamb, 2 large bunches of scallions, dill/chervil, an onion, oil, water, salt and pepper. I made it once using about 20 scallions, as I had bought the whole load of scallions for 99 cents without having any plans for them. I used lamb stew meat, but it turned out just fine. The scallions practically melt into the sauce.

                        2. I love green onions.

                          I put them in:

                          Crab Cakes
                          Tuna and Chicken Salads
                          Stir Fries
                          Omelets or Quiche
                          Hamburger Patties
                          Stuffed Pork Tenderloin
                          Tossed Salads, Cole Slaw

                          Chopped and sprinkled over:

                          Soups, Stews and Chilis
                          Potato Salad
                          Beans or Peas
                          Curries, (Masalas)
                          Baked or Roasted Potatoes

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                            Gonna let you in on a little secret ... finely sliced sautéed green onions are a *key* ingredient to a great Spanakopita. Without them, the Spanakopita isn't a standout one. JMHO.

                          2. Howsabout pickling them?
                            I pickle ramps, but never tried green onion.....
                            1/2 water, 1/2 white vinegar, spices/herbs that might interest you, all in a jar, wait a week in the fridge...

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                              Here's another pickling recipe for them, balsamic and red wine pickled spring onions- this is wonderful!


                              1. Put them on a relish tray - as described in this old-time radio "drama" (Stan Freberg, Yuletide, first 2 minutes).


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                                  I love that bit! The first time I heard it, I was driving and I had to pull over because I was laughing so hard. For some reason, I particulary love the elf from the South Pole.

                                2. My 2 cents worth, jerk marinade. Recipe can be used for other proteins as well such as fish, or pork. Make a large batch, and either gift to friends, or co-workers. It keep very well.


                                  1. So many ideas I never would have thought of. Thank you I certainly have a few dinner plans.

                                    1. Ginger beef with green onions. Not the deep fried version of ginger beef. It uses lots of fresh ginger and green onion.

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                                        Yum...that sounds great! Haven't made that in ages.

                                      2. I use a lot of green onions generally. One condiment I make is what I called "Chinese pesto", which is nothing more than finely chopped green onion, ginger and added to veggie oil (pre-heated on stove), and enough salt to taste. Looks like this:


                                        Often used on Chinese steamed chicken, Hainanese Chicken or Singaporean Chicken Rice. My son simply pours it over his rice and gobbles the bowl down the hatch.

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                                          Yeah, that condiment is Delicious. Also good with steamed razor clams. Sometimes I'll add a chopped birds eye pepper for heat.

                                        2. This ginger-scallion sauce from David Chang has been on my to-do list for a long time; it gets raves:


                                          I believe it's what Melanie Wong and LotusRapper referred to.

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                                            That one's more a mixing sauce for noodles, dumplings, etc and but is quite broad in its applications. It has light soy and vinegar which my "pesto" does not.

                                            Mine is somewhat more focused for dipping steamed chicken into. See:


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                                              thanks for clarifying - sorry if I confused anyone!

                                          2. Chop up lots for Borsht with sour cream, cucumber slices and LOTS of black pepper. Perfect Springtime lunch.