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Oct 17, 2013 11:54 AM

Big Bad Breakfast and Boure

I was in Oxford yesterday and ate very well thanks to John Currence.

Breakfast was at Big Bad Breakfast on North Lamar. Perfectly cooked over easy eggs, superb cheese (but not overly cheesy) grits, country ham (and an excellent couple of pieces of it at that) with the best redeye gravy I've ever had. The biscuit was a slight disappointment. I prefer mine to be flakier. But still, it was good if not great.

Dinner was at Boure where I had the best shrimp and grits ever. Prior to last night the best shrimp and grits ever were at City Grocery, another Currence place, but I liked these better. They seemed lighter, a little spicier with a wider range of complementary flavors. I had a side of stewed okra and tomatoes that was also nearly perfect - though for my taste it could have used a jalapeno or two tossed into the mix.

Thanks again for a fine feed, Chef Currence.

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  1. And I'll give a plug for Snackbar -- delicious dinner