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Oct 17, 2013 11:13 AM

Tatami, Best of Class, Eglinton and Warden

Tatami Sushi
10 Lebovic Dr is the shopping centre
416- 752-4036
Lunch $13, senior$11; Supper $21, senior etc $18. A dollar or two more on weekends, call.
Cheap for lunch and maybe even good. Certainly better.
Charles, we need Yu. Please visit and opine.

I was late with lunch and hunger spurred an urge for gluttony. I went to Imperial Buffet, looked around and kept going. I had broken the vow, and I felt good about regaining my resolve. I was about to go to Lawrence of Arabia but I saw Tatami. I was again entranced by the magic letters, AYCE. I went in and looked at what others had on their plates, confirmed that they had ordered from the AYCE list and stayed.

The usual stuff, but a much better protein to rice ratio than anyone else. A pot of barley tea on the table. Green salad with a real dressing and not goop. The fish even tasted fresh(er)! and was in good sized pieces. Less oil.
The icecream for dessert is far better than the overpriced Coldstone stuff at Tim Hortons.
Only criticism at its price point is that they could have handled the rice better.
Best of its type so far. I had recommended Kenkou on Steeles earlier this summer. (It had subsequently deteriorated with a change of sushi-ist. I don't know what it is like now.) Tatami is a class above.

It ain't no Hashimoto, but I left Hashimoto hungry, much poorer and would have been angry had I not been laughing.

A nice big room.

What else can I say. Its up to you Charles to tell us.

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  1. Hashimoto has two-for-one coupons?

    1. Vinnie, you ate at Hashimoto? I never saw that coupon anywhere! :-)

      And you already told us it's good, why does someone else have to say so? Geez, as I was about to post I see that LotteDempsey beat me to it!

      1. Beau and I attempted to eat there some months ago. I only recall it was cold, but no snow on the ground. At the time we arrived there were maybe 4-5 tables with guests. We were ignored at the door, finally shown to a table only to be ignored some more, got up and found our own menus, saw they had two(!) types of fish only, and finally opted for popcorn for dinner at the theatre in the same mall.

        Has any of the above improved?

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        1. re: Googs

          LotteDempsey. I will be sure to post to tell you next time I see one.
          foodyDudey. I am pleased that we think alike.
          I took a prospective mistress. Had I taken my Bank , my loan might have been called.

          Let's face it. Does the fish that one gets in Toronto merit Hashimoto's performance? If not, the performance is a charade and the art is in the ringing up of the cash register..

          I think that you went to Tatami soon after it opened. And your expectations may have been raised by the niceness of the place. It operates normally now . But I don't notice service much unless it has big boobs or drops the food onto my lap.
          I don't mind waving when in an AYCE in order to attract attention.

          I always order only one of something. If it is good I keep going on it. Salmon and mackerel have a hope of being better then the rest. Never had luck with anything else so I don't bother now. If I want to be unhappy with my cheap lunch meal, it is easy. Youse gotta give em a chance for their $12-13 bucks.

          At Tatami the mackeral was the best I have had at an AYCE. Salmon is harder for me to rate because it has a longer "fresh" life. It seemed to be on the fresher side.

          1. re: Vinnie Vidimangi

            Was your prospective mistress impressed with lunch?

            1. re: LotteDempsey

              It was at the stage that they say only nice things. I've got a feeling that it was the level of my credit card that she liked.

            2. re: Vinnie Vidimangi

              I'll give Tatami another try. It's close enough to my work that lunch is an easy test without wasting a night on it.

              In my defense, I kept my expectations low that night. I knew it'd be no Zen. We were looking for fun and easy (I guess as you were). It failed on both counts.

              We don't always agree on what's bad, but when you say something is good, it's good. Thanks VVm

          2. Its a little bit far from me but if I'm in the area I will give it a try. However, I do not usually spend money on AYCE, knowing most of the time they are Chinese run ( no offence but prefer Japanese operated to ensure better QA/QC ) and quality and sources for the seafood 'could' be questionable

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            1. re: Charles Yu

              No Chinese "Japanese" is part of the part of the vow. But the power of the letters "AYCE" is sometimes too much for me to withstand.

              1. re: Vinnie Vidimangi

                When I ate at Hashimoto (near the airport) a handful of years ago, the whole point of the experience (not to reservation policy and high price) is that all ingredients are sourced and flown in fresh from Japan. The chef is simply not serving Toronto-sourced fish.

                I think you'd be hard pressed to find a Japanese owned and run AYCE. The whole concept flies in the face of the Japanese approach to their cuisine.