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Casual birthday lunch on the Hudson

I'm looking for a recommendation for a casual but nice birthday lunch on the Hudson (any town within 50 miles of NYC) with river views. The only other requirement would be that the restaurant should be baby-friendly (at least for lunch). Any cuisine works.

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  1. X20 in Yonkers

    71 Water Grant St
    Yonkers, NY 10701
    (914) 965-1111

    1. Red Hat in Irvington, but you might need to call about "baby friendly" - depends on the baby/baby's age, I imagine.

      1. I should have mentioned this would be a Saturday lunch. Nether Red Hat or X20 seem to be open for Saturday lunch.

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          Hmm, that could be tricky. I was going to suggest Half Moon, since it's more baby friendly than either x2o or Red Hat, but they are not open for Saturday lunch either.

        2. Would Poughkeepsie Ice House be too far for you? It's right next to the Walkway. I've brought my young kids here. http://poughkeepsieicehouse.com/

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          1. The River club in Nyack might fit the bill . Heavy on seafood , but other things on the menu . There is some dredging going on right outside to fix some Sandy storm problems ., but depending on where you sit your view might be better or worse .They have glass around much of the building , you can see the Tappan Zee bridge on the other side . I think most restaurants are baby friendly at lunch on the weekend . . .Nyack is a cute touristy place on a Fall weekend as well.
            I think also that if you let places know its for a birthday they will be more accomo

            dating to seat preferences .

            1. Harvest on Hudson in Hastings-on-Hudson would be great for what you need...our daughter and son-in-law recently moved there and have taken their 4 yr.- old daughter and 2 yr.-old son there several times. It is right on the water and adjoins a public park with a playground where kids can run around in if they get bored so they love it.

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                Not open for Saturday lunch, but looks great.

              2. Hudson Water Club in Haverstraw might work.

                1. MP Taverna is next to Red Hat in Irvington and I believe they serve lunch. I'm not sure that there are river views while you're seated but you certainly can take a walk along the river before/after. The view is beautiful.

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                    Not open for Saturday lunch. I've been to his other restaurants and they are always good.

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                      According to their website they are open for lunch everyday. I would call to check.

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                      From what I remember, there are no river views at MP Taverna if you are dining inside. If their outside area is open downstairs, your river view will be across a parking lot.

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                        Yes, I remember eating there when it was One, and finding that my view was of the train tracks and not the river!

                    3. How about Ossining Boathouse restaurant? It's not only right by the Hudson, but it's actually walking distance from the train station if you'd like to get there that way.


                      1. How about the new RiverMarket Bar and Kitchen in Tarrytown? I'm not sure about views of the Hudson but it's certainly right next to it. And they're open for either lunch or brunch on Saturday (not sure which but their website says they are open starting at 11am on Saturday). Go on 11/9 or 11/16 and you might be able to take advantage of their Hudson Valley Restaurant Week (the HVRW website says it excludes Saturday but you could ask if that applies to lunch as well). Clearly being baby friendly was NOT the only other requirement.

                        BTW, given that you forgot to include a very important piece of information (that it needs to be on Saturday), I find your attitude here to be less than gracious given the number of options you've been given.