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Oct 17, 2013 10:17 AM

Picking persimmons early?

We have A Fuyu persimmon tree in our yard that is too close to another tree so it has fruited heavily to the opposite side. The weight of all that fruit (100 or so) has bent the tree to about a 45 degree angle. I'm concerned that this could be hard to correct after the fruit drops, so I've considered picking it pretty clean early. The fruit is all orange at this point, but still very firm, and not yet the deeper orange it turns when fully ripe.

Any info on this issue, as well as how to ripen the picked fruit, would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. you can TRY to sunny-sill ripen them, but I would watch for curing tips (would salt-curing help? or pickling?) I remember biting into a domestic un-ripe persimmon fresh off the tree once - great flavor! but, acck all the alum jokes in Bugs Bunny cartoons suddenly made sense.

    ehh trees flex, they only crack when they get old, after the harvest in your moderate climate (SoCal by your profile right?) it should straighten back up, but if not, it might be fun to turn your Fuyu into a Bonsai on steroids...

    or next year, maybe consider making the 2 trees co-dependent with discreet lashing creating a single structure. fruit trees by nature have soft wood, which IIRC is also why they don't last as long as an oak or an ash.

    1. Be sure to cable or ground support that tree. I witnessed a fuyu tree that split the trunk right in half because the weight was too much to bear.

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        Thanks. About half the fruit has been picked and the branches are much more upright. When the tree is bare I'll tie the two trunks to a pole or to the tree next to it , though I'm not too hopeful that's the trunks can come back vertical at all.