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where to buy 100% buckwheat soba noodles (japanese style)?

where can i buy this, preferably downtown? i normally only ever find the kind that has wheat as well. i have seen the korean style, but not the japanese style.

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  1. I have heard of hand made, but not commercial buckwheat noodles. Too limp.
    You can make your own, http://www.thenourishinggourmet.com/2...

    1. My understanding is, it is somewhat rare for traditional Japanese soba to use 100% buckwheat (or please correct me if I am wrong). For example, my favourite mix is 8:2 (buckwheat to wheat).

      The only one I recall is one made by Eden Organic, probably available at some reasonably big health food store:


      Curious how the Korean ones taste like, I have not yet tried them myself.

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        i am sensitive to gluten so i try to avoid it where i can, and usually when eating at home.. otherwise, i would be happy to buy the kind that contains a bit of wheat.

        the korean kind that i have tried are longer, thicker, and more chewy.

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          oops, that was my thread too.. forgot i had posted that. :)

          i guess i didn't get enough answers. i will check sanko.

          i have tried king soba (which is what is available at the natural food stores, including those mentioned in the thread) but they are not like the japanese kind.. they are chewier.

        2. Sanko is great for everything japanese. You might pay more than the korean grocery but they will have the largest selection of Japanese imported goods

          1. I just bought a case of these from Amazon. USDA certified organic too.


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              Hakubaku soba noodles are wheat with a minor representation of buckwheat.

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                It is completely reprehensible to advertise noodles that are mostly wheat as "soba" noodles. Thank you for that vital piece of information, jayt90.

            2. You may want to call Soba Canada and inquire. As far as I know they do not sell retail, but they are friendly people, so it can't hurt to ask.

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                thanks, i should ask! i do enjoy my meals there!

              2. J-Town carried a Japan-made 100% buckwheat soba dried noodles for a while but I haven't seen them in recent months. Much trickier to cook though and didn't have the same chew as those containing wheat.

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                  Just spotted them this morning at J-Town. Notice that the blue package is blended with wheat flour and the red package is 100% buckwheat.

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                    thank you! i used to be up there a few times a week so that would have been convenient, but am rarely up there anymore.

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                      Thank you as well! I love the nihachi soba (2:8 wheat to buckwheat) but didn't know they carry the 100% buckwheat too.

                  2. I find pure soba noodles at Herbs and Nutrition on Bloor, just west of Bathurst.
                    They also carry them perhaps at PAT supermarket, but I can't recall if they are blended with wheat.

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                      thank you.. i will check herbs & nutrition since i live nearby! how much do they normally cost? i have checked PAT but i think they are all blended with wheat.

                    2. i checked a few of the spots and the cheapest place to buy 100& buckwheat soba noodles is sanko on queen. i think it is about $7 a package, as opposed to $10 at herbs & nutrition. they also have gluten free versions of some other noodles, like ramen!