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Oct 17, 2013 08:53 AM

Recommendations on bars that serve food?

For my upcoming trip to Paris, me and my husband are planning to have one heavy meal, be it lunch or dinner, and then head to a nice bar with food for the other meal. So far we are definitely going to Le Mary Celeste. Any other bars we shdn't miss? Vivant Cave vs Septime Cave for example? Not really on our list but Le Dauphin worth the trouble?

I understand too that most of these places do not take reservations. How 'bad' can the crowd get on weekdays vs weekends?

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  1. I might add Jacques Melac, not frou-frou but very well established.
    It is a wine bar in the 11th on Rue Leon Frot, has about thirty wines by the glass and an assortment of dishes from the Aubrac region that range from light to hearty.
    The owner and all staff are a delight and it is a lovely place to put yourself in Paris in the 50's.
    Can be crowded on weekends, usually late. Get there for an American early say 7:30 and you will do fine.

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    1. In the area around Mary Celeste, I like Aux Deux Amis (small plates in the evening, some with a Spanish/ Italian tilt), l'Ilot (oysters and other cold seafood), le Barav (tartines, quiches and a couple of daily hot plats) and cave de l'Insolite (ham and cheese, and I think a recently-introduced bigger menu). Au Passage is also in the area and popular.

      These are all good for a bite which stops short of a standard 3 courses although they are not bars in the sense of Mary Celeste (big cocktail menu). The only ones which might need reservations are Aux Deux Amis and Au Passage - the others I might call while already on the way over. And if we can't find an open table after a bit of wandering, there are a couple of cafés in the area which serve reliable standards till late (Charlot, Barometre).

      1. If it's good then it will be busy weekdays i.e. Avant Comptoir or Frenchies wine bar. At Semilla they have a bar and you can snack there.

        1. All the places you cited are really restaurants. A place like Vivant is not necessarily un-heavy.
          None of them are the cold-cuts and/or chees kind of place.
          They are not so much bars with food as restaurants with a wine focus.
          Which is fine with me. But you may need to bear that in mind if you are planning light meals to counter the big meal of the day.

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          1. re: Parigi

            "really restaurants"
            Well, the creep from bar a vin to cave a manger to bistrot a vin etc is a fact of life, but I think La Crèmerie, 9, rue des Quatre-Vents in the 6th, still holds to the wine plus charcuterie/cheese simplicity the OP is looking for.
            O Divin, 35, rue des Annelets in the 19th just went from a bar a vin to a fine neobistro and is very special.

            1. re: John Talbott

              I have no problem with this nomenclature. I just wanted to make certain that the OP knows that the bars à viins he/she shortlisted are actual restaurants, since they are supposed to be the alternative meal to the heavy meal of the day.

            2. re: Parigi

              Not sure that I consider charcuterie and cheese light, but if that is the criteria Baron Rouge exactly fits the bill.

            3. Septime Cave serves small "snacks". Not much room inside though.