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Oct 17, 2013 08:33 AM

Washington Square Tavern in Brookline

Just felt the need to give Gerry and his crew some love after another great meal.

For anyone who is not aware, WST has an insanely cheap wine list, with many bottles only $10 or so over retail (think Silvertone's list with more options and heavy on pinot and cab).

The service can be hit or miss (particularly a miss if Gerry isn't there), but the chef puts out some of the best food in Brookline.

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  1. I love it too. Gerry curates a few nice bottles (not always on the list) and he is always willing to pull them out for those who appreciate. The food is always good, and the room is really comfortable. Such a great neighborhood spot!

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    1. re: Small Plates

      It's true. I've been a regular for about a year now and have gotten to know some other regulars there, too. It's like my own little Brookline Cheers. haha

      He owns a wine store in Waltham now, too. Not sure how well that'll go but I appreciate the fact that his list often gets new bottles.

    2. I agree, the WST is awesome. Great cuisine, warm ambiance, and Gerry is indeed the best!

      I'm a regular and always leave thinking, "this place is great!"

      1. Count me among the fans. This is my local bistro and I consider myself lucky. Gerry's love and knowledge of wine is something he shares generously and the kitchen is solid to excellent. Really, this is what you hope for from a neighborhood place. Lucky us.

        1. Is the WST still as good as in the old days (5+ years ago)? Anyone visited recently?

          Burger in particular.

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          1. re: BostonBestEats

            I've only started going recently, but yes it's very good. I haven't had the burger, but I've had some very good entrees in the heavy comfort food direction. Wine list is fantastic. Great whiskey selection too, scotch in particular.

            1. re: BostonBestEats

              Haven't tried the burger either, but everything else I've had there in recent months has been just as good as ever. I firmly believe that WST is one of the hidden gems of the area - and thankfully so, because it makes it possible to get a seat (after a reasonable wait by the bar) at prime weekend times when the college bro bars nearby are overflowing.

              1. re: cjd260

                Yes, it's still going strong. Homey, hospitable, and a great burger. Gerry has staying power. The kitchen had a downtick about two years ago but picked up considerably in the past year.

                1. re: teezeetoo

                  Yeah, that was what I was wondering about from from comments on Yelp. Good to hear it's back on track.

                2. re: cjd260

                  Which Bro bar nearby in Washington Square are you referring to? Barcelona Wine Bar or Ribelle?

                  1. re: tysonmcneely

                    Primarily thinking of Publick House, though I've wandered into WST from further afield on occasion.

              2. I have to disagree. I had a rubbery baked chicken there (nice and salty sauce but very rubbery). Dh had a terrible veggie burger, and it was all $$$. My wine was also not great...we will not be back.