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Oct 17, 2013 07:58 AM

Soupy apple butter

Please help! I'm making crockpot apple butter for the first time. I've come to the end of the time called for in the recipe, but the apple butter is very thin, with the consistency of a sauce. Should I just continue to let it cook in the crockpot, or try something else to thicken it?

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  1. Transfer it to a shallow baking dish (glass or whatever) and put it in the oven at 250 or 300. Stir occasionally and bake until thick enough. I'd never use the crockpot for apple butter - I just don't see how it could possibly thicken enough.

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      Thanks for the suggestion--I'm trying that now. The crockpot recipe was given to me by a friend who's used it many times with no problem. I followed it carefully, and so I don't know where I went wrong.

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        Since apples vary widely in water content depending on the variety and growing conditions, it could possibly be a perfectly fine method sometimes. And other times not. I would never bother with a crockpot to make apple butter - I like the results from the oven method. Easy enough and nicely caramelized.

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          Crockpot temps vary so much that times sometimes mean little. Also, altitude can be a factor, too.

      2. I just made apple butter for the first time last weekend, too! I read 3 recipes for slow cooker and they all said to leave it on low for 2 hours without the lid on, or high for 45m without the lid on, at the end. This allows it to evaporate the moisture and thicken up. That worked well for me.

        1. The extra two hours in the oven thickened it up nicely. If I use this recipe again, I'll know that I may need much more time than the recipe indicates. I was afraid that all the extra time might make the spices too strong, but it's delicious!

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            Glad it worked out! Next time, you might consider doing it in the oven the whole time. It's not any more mess and no danger of scorching, like on the stovetop. Big roasting pan, 300-ish, stirring every now and then until done. Completely mindless and easy.

          2. Let it cook in the CP. Sometimes it takes 2-3 days to thicken up.