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Oct 17, 2013 07:17 AM

Thanksgiving 2013

I have been looking around for Thanksgiving options in San Francisco for 2013. OpenTable has already released a list of restaurants that will be serving Thanksgiving Day menus, but I was wondering if anyone had some advice. I found some lists from prior years, but does anyone have any particular experience with a certain place that would dictate either a "must go" or "try somewhere else?" Here are the places I'm considering based on research:

Lark Creek Steak - Good TripAdvisor reviews, menu appeals to me, not far from my hotel, reasonable price
Bluestem Brasserie - Similar reasoning as above, but more expensive
Epic Roasthouse - Pricey, but awesome view, menu looks good (especially desser)
Elite Cafe - Reviews are mixed, but I like the idea of the unlimited sides on Thanksgiving
One Market

Any thoughts or suggestions are much appreciated. I am an east coaster and this is my first time in SF so I am blind to the restaurant scene.

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  1. I usually dine out for Thanksgiving, actually. I've been to One Market for Thanksgiving, it wasn't particularly memorable. Not bad, not great...

    I went to Luce one year; they had some sort of squash mousse for dessert which was great. Otherwise, similarly nothing earth-shattering. I think Thanksgiving meals in restaurants are not typically earth-shaking, actually, but my sister insists on pumpkin desserts on Thanksgiving, so.

    The only real advice I have for you is to be wary of TripAdvisor reviews for restaurants. It seems to give suspect advice regarding food.

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      Thanks for the advice. Much appreciated.

    2. Wayfare Tavern has a couple of menus to choose from. They're good at classic American dishes.

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        Thanks for the recommendation. After doing some research on Wayfare I saw that they have a family style communal table at 6pm. This seems unique and different so I made a reservation. I will let you know how it is!

        1. re: sjcpa186

          Do you think that means buffet or family style at your table?

          1. re: LSC77

            I got the impression you sit at a big table not necessarily with just your party, but with other guests as well. Food is served at the table family style like a big family feast. I do not think it's a buffet. Maybe someone who ate there before can chime in with better info.

            1. re: LSC77

              It doesn't say buffet. It's two seatings, 2pm and 6pm, limited to maybe 50 people each, so I would guess not.

              They'll also be serving a la carte all day in the rest of the restaurant.


        2. I have enjoyed Epic and One Market. One Market was very elegant - I liked the atmosphere - and they are very accommodating of food allergies. I think Epic was good too but I didn't like where we were seated (no view). I imagine Lark Creek would be consistent but not special.

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            Since we can't make it home to spend the weekend with family, my wife and I are considering spending Thanksgiving evening at Cavallo Point for the night and dining at Murray Circle. Any thoughts or opinions of either the restaurant and/or property?

            1. re: OliverB

              TripAdvisor would probably be a better place to get reports on the hotel.

          2. East Bay Thanksgiving Dinners


            11/27 Livermore - Wente Vineyards, take-home dinner, $249 for six


            11/28 Oakland - Lake Chalet Seafood Bar & Grill, $46


            11/28 Oakland - Lungomare


            11/28 Walnut Creek - Lark Creek, Thanksgiving Tasting Menu including pan-roasted Steelhead Salmon with green lentils, roasted cauliflower salad, and curry yogurt, $49


            11/28 Lafayette - Yankee Pier Lafayette, Boiled Live Maine Lobster, $45


            11/28 Berkeley - Paragon Berkeley at the Claremont Hotel and Spa, $65 or $95 with cocktail pairings


            1. I got email from Lungomare and 231 Ellsworth that they'll be open.

              Sign at China Village said they will be closed Thursday only.