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Oct 17, 2013 05:44 AM

Kuala Lumpur - Charcoal-cooked Claypot Chicken Rice at Maybank, Jalan Pudu

This street-side claypot chicken rice stall is about 40 years old, and still cooks its claypots atop traditional charcoal-fired stoves. Seating is by the corner of Jalan Pudu, a busy high street, and Jalan Kancil, just outside a Maybank branch - a landmark one needs to use as this claypot spot is nameless.

What we had this evening:

- Claypot chicken rice, with marinated bone-in chicken pieces, slivers of Chinese waxed sausages, chicken liver and salted fish, flavoured with dark soysauce and lard, and chopped scallions.The chicken was smooth-textured and perfectly marinated. The claypot rice was fragrant, though lacking the winey aroma of Huen Kee ( down the street.

- Blanched lettuce, with oyster sauce and crisp, golden-fried garlic. It was light and slightly oily.

- Chicken feet, pig's tail, groundnuts and red dates soup.

Address details
Pudu Claypot Chicken Rice
Seating outside Maybank - Jalan Pudu Branch
418-24, Jalan Pudu (corner with Jalan Kancil
)55100 Kuala Lumpur

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  1. More pics to share.

    Sitting by our street-side table, we could look across the street towards Sek Yuen Restaurant which, at 67 years old this year, is perhaps the oldest and one of the last remaining traditional Cantonese eateries in KL.