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Oct 17, 2013 05:18 AM

Dinner lab new Orleans

so, planning my trip in march..hehehe. i's a real early wondering if anyone has been to one of the dinner lab dinners or if there are any members on the forum or if anyone knows someone on the list?

it looks like something very interesting and unique to do while we're there but i'm a bit hesitant because of the non refundable membership fee. they mention that they plan to do 5-8 events a month but of course there's no guarantee that there will be an event while we are there. so, my question i guess is, what is the reality of the event frequency? there are no posted listings until you have membership so i'm wondering if there really is an event approx. 1x plus a week or if that's a bit of an optimistic guestimate? from the reviews online, the steep price tag looks worth the experience.:)

anyone know of any other supper clubs like this in new orleans? we were hoping to go to one of the john besh dinners at cafe reconcile but we miss the one in march by 2 days. (there from march 20th-27th)

thank you!

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  1. No membership fee required:
    Their facebook page has photos/menus.

    1. I am a member of dinner lab, and have gone to numerous events. They usually do two events a week. As fantastic as it is, I think you would be wasting a $100 membership fee to only experience it once. (events range from $50 to 65 pp,) So you would be spending over $200 for one meal. With so many phenomenal restaurants, spend that money elsewhere, IMHO. Besides trying to even see if you could become a member, you pretty much have to jump onto tickets the second they go on sale. For instance, the last one I ordered, tickets for one seating were full in 3 minutes! Much easier to peruse other dining options in the city while you are here. Enjoy your time in NOLA.

      1. I wouldn't worry about it. We went to the first three events they ever hosted. They were fun, but the novelty soon wore off for us. We didn't buy in and I don't feel like I'm missing anything. Kudos to their success though. That said, if you can get tickets for a reasonable amount, by all means, check it out.

        1. Tom Fitzmorris, our local radio foodie, has weekly Eat Clubs and will more than likely have a few scheduled for March, but not posted this far in advance. You can periodically check his web site or call him from 12 - 3 on WWL Radio at
          504-260-1870 or email him at

          1. I was totally unfamiliar with Dinner Lab, and had to look it up.

            Sounds interesting for a local, where they are located, but for a visitor to any such city, I would question the membership, as Ally70118 mentions.

            While it might offer unique dining experiences, one can find those already, in NOLA.

            Even in San Francisco, where we are, maybe 2 - 3x per month, I would still question the "value" to me.

            Though, if one IS a "local," then membership might well offer some dining experiences, that others would not get.