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Oct 17, 2013 05:02 AM

AMSTERDAM: Which is the most authentic Indonesian restaurant?

I've been digging through the forum and not finding much. I am not necessarily looking for a Rijstaffel. I am Indonesian and that's not something we do in Indonesia. But I'd like to order a really good nasi goreng, nasi kuning, soto ayam, martabak, pempek (I know there are some in Den Haag), or maybe some siomay with a cendol drink.

We'll have 3 full days in Amsterdam and being Indonesian who hasn't been living in Indonesia and can't cook authentic dishes (mostly due to lack of motivation finding the ingredients here in a small village in England) I would really like to stuff myself with some comfort food :)

Maybe a warung to takeaway that's not easily searchable online. Or a restaurant with a really good soto ayam for example that's a bit outside of the centre. I read that at Blauw you can't order side dishes without ordering a main. I rather not go to that type of restaurant and not one where I have to go through parts/all of the red light district. I have young children.

So far I have this list:

Not looking so promising :



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  1. I had trouble opening your link. Blauw and Tempoe Doeloe always get high marks.

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      Tempo Doeloe is a tourist trap. The food is not terrible, but you will pay dearly for it.

      1. re: ThomasvanDale

        Thanks for this tip! I did hear about the tourist trap thing from somewhere else but my Indonesian friend visited Amsterdam a few years ago and recommended this place. She said it was really good. Not authentic but really good. She can though splurge if she wants to. Single and double income :)

    2. We ate at Cafe Kadijk last night, and thoroughly enjoyed it. Found it off of the site, run by the former Food/Restaurant editor of Time Out Amsterdam.

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      1. re: a213b

        Glad to see this. Café Kadijk looks very nice; are there any actual Indonesians involved? It is very easy to get to from where I stay in Amsterdam (in the Dapperbuurt -Indischebuurtarea),whether by bus, bicycle or walking.

      2. From an Amsterdam member on TripAdvisor I found Sari Citra. On TA, there was one review from an Indonesian and he/she said it's authentic. So, I am going to give it a go for one of our lunches. Still researching so if there are others, please comment :)

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          I've never been there, but it is very easy to get to, in the Pijp, near the big Albertcuyp street market:

          Ferdinand Bolstraat 52bg, 1072 LL Amsterdam
          +31 20 675 4102

        2. I would recomend warung Barokah, Aalsmeerweg 91. Especialy in the weekend they have special dishes like Rujak Cinggur. Another warung is waroeng Adji at the Johan Huizingalaan 264.