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Oct 16, 2013 10:40 PM

Stone Picks and Pans

I try hard to love Stone brews... I KNOW they are well-made... I've previously written about my disdain for their bottle scribblings "arrogant... you don't deserve this...". Fortunately some posters have set me straight that those are old legacy writings from the early days of micro-brewery, fair enough.

But I still struggle to find Stones I want to constantly have in the fridge... Trying a Smoked Porter now... from prior tasting, thought I liked this stuff... now, it's alright... but it's not really my go-to Porter, and nothing I crave...

Will keep looking,

Obviously this is specific to my palate, but it also speaks to the INCREDIBLE beers out there... if you're not drinking ambrosia it's your own fault because there's too many great brews now, in every category...

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  1. I rarely reach for any of their beers. They're never a first choice for me.

    One they make that I really like which I don't usually see done too often is Levitation, which is a low alcohol hoppy amber. It's a pretty nice beer.

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    1. re: Josh

      I'm not really a fan of most of their beers, but in their defense I can't recall having anything by them which I'd call "bad" either, just some beers I didn't care for.

      I do think their Imperial Russian Stout is pretty solid, and enjoy their Cali-Belgique and once in a while I grab a sixer of their Pale Ale if it's fresh.

      Don't much like their collaboration releases, nor any of the various versions of Arrogant Bastard. Their anniversary ales have been hit or miss, the last one (17th) being decent.

    2. Also not a major fan here...though their IPA is not terrible, and I find their Arrogant Bastard to be interesting...but generally I find Stone to be somewhat over-hyped.
      Frankly, I've sampled well made home brewed beers that far outshine what they're making at Stone.

      I do however admire their obvious success in what has become a more and more competitive playing field. Making good beer is dead easy...selling it a bit harder.

      And for what it's worth, I enjoy the ramblings on the bottle (ie., ArrogantB) suggests that at least they don't take themselves too seriously (with the exception of that "I Am aCraft Brewer" they produced a few years ago; they may not use corn in their beer, but there was certainly plenty of it in that cringeworthy video. LOL!)

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      1. re: The Professor

        I'm with you on the corn issue in the "craft brewer" video (and I note that Founders uses corn in their popular All Day IPA).

        I saw what may have been the video's premier, when it was presented to a huge roomful of brewers at the brewers conference in Boston a few years ago, and it was quite stunning in that context.