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Feb 4, 2005 08:49 AM

Austin: Roaring Fork

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We've got a gift certificate for Roaring Fork.

Any menu suggestions/recommendations?

Thank you.

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  1. Assuming it's good for wine, I would go there for the happy hour. The have some great appetizers at half price, or priced really cheap. See the link.


    1. I really enjoyed the duck with some sort of wine-reduction sauce when I had it about two weeks ago. Fall-off-the-bone tender, not too fatty. My friend, an attorney in L.A., eats at a lot of gourmet restaurants in L.A., but he said the sea bass was unusually good.

      1. My husband and I had reservations for 2 at 8pm Saturday. The food was awesome. The service however was terrible.
        First the bad, then the good.

        - They were 20 minutes late seating us for our 8 p.m. reservations.
        - Our drinks in the bar wasn't corrected.
        - We were stuck in corner between a table of 20 18-yr old girls having a birthday and a table of four women hooting it up and continued getting louder the more wine they consumed. (The 18-yr old table was quieter and much better behaved).
        - The only time the water boy and waiter only came by to drop off food.

        Having said that, the food almost made up for it.
        - Appetizers: Calamari and the Chopped Iceberg with Green Chile Ranch Dressing Tomatoes, Red Onions, Cilantro & Blue Cheese (excellent)
        - Bread: The corn muffins with jalapenos were fantastic...the woodsy smokiness of them were different from every version I've had before.
        - Entrees: I had the Kansas City Strip Steak with tomato/cheese grits topped with onion rings (wow) and husband had the Pork Tenderloin with cottage fries (yum)
        - Dessert: Baked Banana Empanadas with Ancho Chile Chocolate Sauce and Vanilla Bean Ice Cream (wonderful!)

        All the food was exceptional and worthy of taking a look. However the service makes me think about waiting a while before returning.