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Oct 16, 2013 10:07 PM

Bachelorette Night Out in Las Vegas.

Hello - I am trying to arrange a bar hopping/dining night out for my friend who is getting married. We are not interested in LOUD NOISY BARS or CLUBS, just some real nice places to drink at, eat at or both. We are not HIGH rollers, but something nice,or interesting, would be very nice. It would not be a large group of ladies, just 5 or so.

Since I do not live in Las Vegas I am asking for suggestions. It will be near New Years Eve - so plenty of time to plan :D

Thank You

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  1. Will you have a car? What type of food? Any type of food off limits? How much are you looking to spend per person? Where are you staying?

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      Those are all good questions.

      No food is off limits - spending per person for 2 places probably somewhere between $100 and $200 dollars. Was thinking of renting a limo. The plan so far is to hit one or 2 places and then go to a friends house to wrap it up, so where we are staying is not an issue.

    2. ' It will be near New Years Eve - so plenty of time to plan'...not really.
      One of the busiest, most expensive time to go to Vegas is Christmas through New Year's.
      I would get your hotel now, then we can figure out what is close by.

      I'm a fan of the Trump, Wynn and see if there are some deals to be had.
      Chandelier Bar at the Cosmo is one of my fave's..

      1. Mix at theHotel (at Mandalay Bay)....a great vibe and one of the best views of the Strip in Vegas (especially from the ladies' room...really).