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Oct 16, 2013 09:16 PM

24 hour restaurants in Metro Detroit!

Title says it all. Once we get a decent list, we can have a run off for the best of late night heartburn.....

- Carters, Southfield & Outer Drive in Dearborn
Famous for sliders, which are fine, but I go there for the deep fried hot dogs.

- Zacks, Main Street & Ann Arbor Road, Plymouth
Kind of a homey Denny's type of joint.

- Fleetwood Diner, Ashley & Liberty, Ann Arbor
The only place to get 'Hippie Hash'.

- Lafayette Coney Island, Lafayette & Michigan, Detroit
My personal favorite for a coney.

- Green's, Orchard Lake & 10 Mile, Farmington Hills
Great sliders for over 50 years.

- Plaka Cafe, Monroe between St. Antoine & Beaubien, Detroit
Greek oriented diner.

Other obvious options are White Castle, McDonalds (many locations), Leo's Coney Island (various locations), National Coney Island (various locations), Big Boy (various locations), Rams Horn (various locations), casinos, and more.

Hey, that's an idea for another topic - Casino Dining: If the wagering doesn't kill you, will the food?

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  1. Now, just to be contrarian, American Coney Island is directly next door to Lafayette Coney Island, and is also 24 hours.

    1. I think The Hills City Grille is 24 hours (Big Beaver & Rochester, used to be a Rams Horn). No hours on their website but Yelp says it is

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      1. re: coney with everything

        re Hills City Grill-- I know they were 24 hours at one time, but per both their website and their FB they now close at 2am. Lately it is really, really tough to get things updated on Yelp, so that info probably just has not caught up yet.

      2. Thank you for not mentioning Denny's. Abe's in Ypsilanti, Michigan and Hamilton, is open 24 hours and attracts all kinds at any hour of the day. Decent coney food, cheap ongoing specials on wing dings.

          1. Duly's W. Vernor and Junction

            Bill's Ham Place Southfield & I-75

            Dix Coney Dix & Cicotte

            The Telway Michigan & Martin