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Matzo Ball Soup

I saw on Langer's menu that they have a boiled chicken with matzo ball, noodles, vegetable and delicious broth - all in the pot for $23.50.
I am curious at to which LA restaurant offers the best chicken matzo ball soup? Or has this issue already been settled?

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  1. FL -

    I haven't found a "store bought" that matches mine, but then again, I haven't tasted all the ones on this list!


    1. IMHO, most of the Jewish Delis serve decent matzo ball soup. I love Nate'n Al's chicken in the pot. The most comforting of comfort food. I also enjoy a bowl of soup at Barney's Greengrass at Barney's BH. When I am in a hurry, a bowl of soup is served quickly.

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            My favorite comes from Bristol Farms. That's right.

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              WM -

              I've had Brent's matzo ball soup - and I like it! - but your pic shows the problem. See that yellow tint? That's bouillon base.

              Lot's of places use it. It's not bad, but when I see it, I know the broth won't be as rich or have as much body as I'd hope.

              The best deli matzo ball soup I've ever had was at Stage Deli, in Century City, decades ago. No bouillon, just pure soup.

              Which may be why they had to close up shop and leave! ; )

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                are you sure Brent's uses bouillon? It's a much clearer broth in person.

                and I too loved the gigantic Stage Deli in Century City mall.

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                Wow, Brent's look like a matzo ball sundae.
                Is this the traditional way to serve matzo ball soup?
                My only experience with matzo ball soup was at the departed Junior's on Westwood blvd. They serve their matzo ball submerged/floating in broth.
                Also, any feedback on Langer's matzo ball soup from the experts are appreciated.

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                  As the joke goes, "Wow, that must have been some matzo!"

              3. No deli's chicken soup with matzo ball compares to my late mom's, now my soup! In a restaurant I prefer kreplach to matzo ball but I've never tasted a better chicken soup and matzo ball than I make at home. I never use boullion or Osem soup base. I just cook a lot of chicken wings until there's no flavor left in the meat--because it's all in the soup!

                The vegetables I use are carrots, onion, celery, and parsnip.

                1. I like Izzy's. I get both noodle and rice. The matzo are not too dense. The broth is clean (no bouillon, I presume).

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                    Liking it, but have you tried any of the others? Not that I haven't done the Izzy jig; if I'm drunk enough, hungry enough and it's very late - being able to go to Izzy's is a nice convenience, but it isn't really about the food. I've had their soup and it's more like cut methadone to off your chick/ball soup-jones, but it isn't nearly as satisfying as the real deal.

                  2. Best was at Maple Drive - a chicken with a giant matzo ball. Matzo ball was good, but the broth and chicken were the best.

                    But they're not there anymore.

                    Best chicken soup I've had (and I've had Langers, Brent's, Izzy's, Nate and Al's, Juniors and Lenny's. It doesn't have noodles or the matzo ball - but Urth Cafe's chicken soup is the best. If they had a ball and noodles - they'd be the best matzo ball soup, but alas, they don't.

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                      I don't see chicken soup on Urth's online menu? Do they still serve it?

                    2. Greenblatt's has a credible version. It doesn't have a horrid aftertaste from bullion or msg.

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                        I love Matzo Ball Soup, and I try it every time I see it on the menu. Greenblatt's makes the best, by far--the matzo balls are infused with schmaltzy goodness!!

                      2. Every Tuesday at Walters (where I usually lunch), inside the William Morris Endeavor building on Camden in BH, the soup of the day is matzo ball, which you can have with or without noodles. The balls are good, the noodles could be better. The broth itself is usually quite good; sometimes there's a weak batch.

                        1. Another vote for Greenblatt's. I'm not sure about authenticity....but I'm there a lot, and it tastes really good and light.

                          1. Label's Table on Pico is very authentic. Nice broth.

                            1. Nate & Al's hands down.... runner up since we're not local is the soup at Bristol farms....

                              1. Here are LA Weekly's Top 5 Matzo Ball Soups with Nate n Al's at their #1.
                                1, Nate N Al's
                                2. Barney Greengrass
                                3. Greenblat's
                                4. Langer's
                                5. Brent's

                                1. My mother makes the best chicken matzoh ball soup. But even she thinks the chicken soup at the Oaxacan restaurant Monte Alban Resaurante in West LA is some of the best ever. I have it often and it is consistently good. It will also cure what ails you.

                                  Chicken broth, rice, white meat chicken, queso, peppers, cilantro, avocado, and lime. No matzoh balls but great.

                                  They also serve Higaditos which is like a Mexican matzoh ball in a chicken broth. Only served at special times. Check with the restaurant web site.

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                                    "They also serve Higaditos which is like a Mexican matzoh ball in a chicken broth." ???

                                    The restaurants own menu describes Higaditos as you can see below as:

                                    "Higaditos (Breakfast Only) $7.99

                                    Our traditional Fiesta breakfast is a mixture of shredded chicken, eggs, tomatoes, and azafran. (No liver at all)"

                                    (Azafran being the Spanish word for saffron)

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                                      They have the texture and taste of matzoh balls. Worth trying. I never claimed them to be matzoh balls.

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                                      Yes, this is a diversion from the topic of this thread, but you are so right - the caldo de pollo at Monte Alban is fabulous. I miss living a block away from there because of that soup.

                                    3. any thoughts on where canter's stands in this debate?

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                                        Canter's and many other local delis' Chicken Soup tastes as if it has been sitting in the pot too long. It has an odd taste that I think comes from using the leftover soup from the previous day and then building on it. Not good.

                                      2. Nosh in Beverly Hills has the best matzo ball soup!

                                        1. If you are in South LA/Orange County, Katella Deli's matzo ball soup tastes very good. Their basic soup includes noodles and matzo ball. You can also order their Chicken in the Pot, which is their matzo ball soup with chicken pieces and vegetables.

                                          1. I just had at Lenny's Deli in Westwood their "Full House", a gigantic bowl of chicken noodle soup with matzo ball, kreplach, rice, carrots and kasha. Pretty good. Pretty big.

                                            1. Uh...not in LA, but the chicken soup that I just finished for my poor husband who just got a cold. An entire chicken with carrots, celery, potato, and onion. No matzo meal so no matzo balls this time. LOTS of meat and veggies.