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Oct 16, 2013 07:29 PM

Toddler Birthday Near the Ashmont-Mattapan High Speed Line (?)

I realize this is a slightly odd request, but...

My son is turning 3 and we'd like to do a train-themed celebration. Our image is to meet up in Mattapan Square (with a few toddlers and parents) and ride the A-M line either all the way to Ashmont or to one of the stops. Wherever we get off, we like to find a *close-by* to celebrate -- maybe a bakery where we could order a cake or a pizza place. Any thoughts? I'm coming up blank.

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  1. High Speed Line? Talk about a misnomer.

    We just call it the trolley.

    What day and time are you thinking if?

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    1. re: C. Hamster

      Okay, we'll go with the trolley (just using the official [misleading] name for clarity).

      It will be a Sunday -- between 11 & noon.

    2. That's sort of tough...

      I'm not very familiar with Mattapan Sq, but at Ashmont, Ashmont Grille would probably be your only venue open then and it's likely not what you are looking for.

      Cedar grove stop has nothing. Butler has nothing.

      At Milton stop you can walk over the bridge into lower mills dorchester where there is The Ledge restaurant, as well as Pats pizza and the Ice Creamsmith. Ledge still does pizza, I think. casual sit down place. Pat's is mostly a take out joint. It's maybe 3 blocks from the trolley stop.

      Central st stop is where steel and rye is but they won't be open, there is a pizza joint nearby but the proprieter seems like a world class jerk.

      I know nothing about valley and capen stops.

      The trolley from Mattapan to Ashmont doesn't take too long, btw.

      1. I would say your best bet would be to take the Trolley to the Milton stop walk over the bridge (which will be cool for the kids bc it goes over some water and you can sometimes see birds that have nests). There is a nice Bakery on Dot Ave called Sweet Life Bakery & Cafe. They have ready made cakes as well as good sandwiches and other things. They have a good amount of seats that should be able to accommodate your party.

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        1. re: Randilizm

          Thank you, C. Hamster & Randilizm (!) lots of good thought

          Sounds like Sweet Life is a good bet (and I like the thoughts on the walk over the bridge).

          Ice cream smith also seems like an option and they do ice cream cakes.

          I'll check those both out this weekend and report back.