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Oct 16, 2013 07:17 PM

Wineries near Fredericksburg TX

Will be visiting Fredericksburg soon and have time to visit three or four wineries. Any suggestions will be appreciated. I'm from California so really looking forward to experiencing Texas wines. I'm a white wine aficionado. Any recommendations greatly appreciated.

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  1. I made the Fredericksburg trek this summer. For good or ill, Fredericksburg has become touristy. So, a small family operated winery that uses only Texas grapes is William Chris Vineyards. The wines were about the best quality of all those i sampled, and the host / staff were very hospitable.

    Essentially, there are a number of wineries within just a short, i mean like from 15 to 30 minutres from Fredericksburg.

    Becker is the largest, and has a very accessible tasting room. Their wine feature a distinct tanin foucs.

    While in the area, there are a number of pick your own orchards. Marburger Orchards were gorgeous and friendly. Dont miss that !

    1. Prepare to be disappointed, TX wines don't compare with most from CA. Becker has a few decent ones. May be fun any way.

      1. We like the Flat Creek winery. It's a particularly enjoyable weekend getaway, and there always seems to be something going on.

        I believe they also have a very few rooms to host overnight B&B guests.

        1. Almost all the tasting rooms are pleasant, with nice outdoor areas to enjoy a glass. My advice would to bring your own snack basket, as the edible offerings are pretty slim.
          Viognier seems to be the best white varietal for the growing climate in TX. I would definitely recommend Hilmy as they do a couple very good renditions (oaked and "naked") of that grape. Becker does a good one, as well as a passable chard.
          You'll find that sweet wines are the most popular at most of the tasting rooms....hopefully Texas palates will evolve in a positive direction over time.