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Oct 16, 2013 06:09 PM

to bake... or not to bake my own naan

OK, I love cooking Indian food. But I'm not a great baker and have never ventured to make my own naan (though I sure love to eat it out at a restaurant). Usually at home I just get some pita to go with my home-made Indian food.

Has any one made their own naan? Is it really worth the effort? How hard is it?
I make pizza dough on the dough setting in my bread maker...would that work? Would love to hear other's experiences. Thanks.

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  1. I make various versions of homemade naan all the time. If you make pizza dough, you'll be fine with naan. I don't own a bread maker, so I do all the mixing, patting out by hand. Give it a try--the ingredients are cheap (which is why I quit buying naan), so you'll not be out much if you don't like it.

    1. If you're already baking pizzas on stones, you should have no problem making naan. It's a similar process of making an enriched dough and cooking it on a superheated surface. In my experience, though, unleavened breads like chapati, roti or paratha are more common for everyday meals. Naan tends to be a special occasion bread for when we go out or have company.

      1. I do not consider myself a baker but I have successfully made naan many times. Sometimes I even make enough to freeze so that we can pull out individual pieces as needed.

        However, since I'm away from home all day and not always in baking mode, I also buy naan from indian grocery stores or frozen from Costco.

        I love this woman's website and have tried her recipe for naan. See the video and, if you watch, look out for the totally adorable mini rolling pin she uses at 5:20:

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          Thank you for this great tip! I will bookmark this website as well.

        2. You need high heat and moist dough. I've seen some technique with the naan dough placed on wire grate and cooked over fire. Very tasty

          1. Yes, definitely worth it, not that hard. We grill ours.