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Oct 16, 2013 06:03 PM

Sushi w/ a baby

So it's my birthday, and I'm taking my 14 mo old with me and my wife for sushi. Any suggestions for what good places would be best to bring a baby? Planning for dinner at opening around 5 so less crowded. Didn't think Yasuda or East 15 would be good for a baby. Don't really want to go back to Blue Ribbon. Thoughts? Anyone think Sasabune would work? Never been

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  1. Sassabune would work if you sit at a table. They have couple tables up front by sushi bar (it's a smallish space) and more in back. Be prepared to leave stroller out front thought as there is no room for it inside and be prepared to take baby outside should it act up as it is a very small space. Another great option is Tokubei on E 86th where ther is more space. I think sushi and cooked foods great there as well.

    1. What about Neta? I thought the sushi was very good. Girl Eats City rates it an A baby rating.

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          Oh, I had no idea that happened! That's too bad. Hopefully Kim and Lau can find another place.

      1. I think if you're used to Yasuda and 15 East you're likely to be underwhelmed by Sasabune.

        I'd do Sushi Dojo - it's excellent, but still casual. It can get loud later, but if you go on the early side you should be ok.

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          Thanks. Not "used to" Yasuda and 15 East but been there before for my birthday and they sort of set the standard for me of what great sushi is. My "standard" is more like a Blue Ribbon sushi.

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            The time I passed by Dojo, in the earlier evening, mostly empty and plenty of counter space. Not sure if it was reserved, but seems like it's doable with a baby.

            I'm in similar situation, so was thinking of giving that a try. Much younger baby though. At 14 month, probably okay to carry while sitting at counter, or in high chair (if there is one.)

            If you know your sushi places, probably the earliest seating is going to be slow or empty.

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              I absolutely would take Sassabune oner Yasuda and esp. 15 East ANYDAY!!! Sassabune is a hole in the wall with fantastic sushi. Quality trumps decor anyday for me when it comes to sushi.

              1. re: UES Mayor

                That bottled eel sauce they put on every piece at sasabune is amazing. I think it says shirakaku on it.

                1. re: UES Mayor

                  I wasn't talking about the decor at all. I find 15 East, Yasuda, Dojo, (as well as many others) all to have far superior sushi to Sasabune.

                  But to each their own.

              2. It's your birthday. Get a baby sitter, sit at the counter and focus on the sushi

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                1. re: MVNYC

                  The finances have taken a hit with the baby. So taking the baby with me allows me to afford the quality sushi I want....

                  1. re: dhenry18

                    Sorry to hear that. If only I weren't a stranger on the Internet and good with babies I would offer to help. If you are looking for an a good but affordable option you can try Inase uptown. Excellent traditional sushi and the best Ilura I've had in NY

                2. Wherever you go, please sit at a table, not at the counter...

                  Perhaps Ushiwakamaru if you go very early...

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                    A couple walked in w a stroller last night at Ushiwakamaru-baby slept whole time except for way into couple's meals when she woke up and cried a little. Absolutely didn't bother anyone. Babies as a whole are fine unless you have one that whines and screams incessantly -in which case, parent should take outside.