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Oct 16, 2013 05:31 PM

Local, Hawaiian Food (in Las Vegas)

Ok, I know this is a Las Vegas question, but who better than Hawaii locals to know where the best local style food can be found on the 9th island.

I haven't been to Vegas for 17-18 years and will be meeting up with family, now living on the mainland. They are dying to eat local food while there, saimin, chicken katsu, teri beef, loco moco, portuguese sausages, lau lau, etc. I have no idea where to go.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

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  1. California Hotel -- Hawaii's home away from home.

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    1. re: honu2

      California Casino downtown really is where all the Hawaiian locals stay and play.
      Restaurants all have island specials.
      I'll venture downtown to the Cal, just for some Aloha.

    2. l&l drive in
      or whatever it's called on the mainland
      they are franchises

      there are also several local eats places run by hawaii folks that have moved to vegas

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      1. re: macsak

        That's actually more along the lines of what I was hoping for. Figured with so many transplants there might be a few places catering to locals. If you know of any other than L&L I'd appreciate it.

      2. There's a Hawaiian Poke Bowl in St. George Utah, which is 2 hrs by I-15 from LV and on the way to Zion NP. Went by it in September and it looked pretty good. Closes at 2 p.m. though.

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          No kidding, a poke stop in Utah! Now that must have seemed like a mirage appearing out of the desert.

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            If my memory serves me right, I had Hawaiian shave ice in Moab, Utah some years ago. Run by a lady from Maui. Don't know whethe it's still there.

          2. Yep, hands down, The Cal no debate.

            1. An anecdote about the California Hotel. Went to Vegas for the first time a number of years ago and stayed at the California Hotel because they offered such a great rate to Hawaii folks. Not a gambler..but was walking through the casino and ran into all kinds of folks from Kauai.. ( I live on Kauai). The food is in the restaurant there definitely catered to Hawaii folks..Spam, oxtail soup, loco moco, rice...

              I never stayed there again as I wanted to eat other food when I went on a trip, and sure as hell didn't want to run into folks I see all the time. go on vacation to get away!

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              1. re: wabi

                I only stayed there because we won an entire trip all expenses paid. We didn't eat there but once maybe. The thing was my parents traveled all over in their motor home and since we won met us in their favorite town. They really loved Circus Circus, stayed there. But my mom loved coming to the Cal while we did other things and all the kind men and families from here would invite her to join them or just sit down and invite themselves to eat with her. She learned more about saimin, kalua pork, etc. but more importantly the niceness of local people. She never dined alone. Oh, one day even James Galway himself showed up and she went the Hawaii way and invited him to sit with her when he looked like he needed a friend. By then she told him what to order how to order and had a lovely lunch!