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Oct 16, 2013 04:52 PM

Early weekend brunch?

Hello! I've been browsing some breakfast/brunch threads and most brunch places open at 11am.

My flight out of JFK is at 1pm, so I would like to have an early breakfast/brunch for 2 on a Sunday anywhere from 7-10am. Any recommendations on options that are open that early? Bonus if it's between Herald Square and JFK (taking the subway to the airport).

I'm also open to bakeries or places we can grab something to go and enjoy once we are settled in at the airport.

If it helps, other meals we'll be enjoying during this work/pleasure trip are Momofuku Ma Peche kappo menu, Nomad for the foie gras chicken, one of the Chinatown soup dumpling recommendations... We're from SF.


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  1. Update: I just read through some of kathryn's suggestions for brunch (epic listing, thank you!) and The Breslin is nearby and opens at 7am for brunch.

    No reservations though - think there'll be a line at 8am on a Sunday?

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      Probably no wait at all because restaurants can't serve alcohol until noon on Sundays and the Breslin gets more of a late riser crowd. Have a wonderful time in NYC!

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        Kathryn is amazing and the Breslin is pretty darn good too. Enjoy!

      2. Koreatown's restaurants are usually open 24/7. Many of them have breakfast specials, albeit not your standard American style foods but the eats are delicious and very reasonable. My favorite is Wonjo. at 23 W 32 St.