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Oct 16, 2013 04:41 PM

Best Chinese Downtown not in Chinatown ?

Visiting LA , so don't know .
Are there good Chinese restaurants downtown but not in Chinatown ?

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  1. What part of downtown? You can find fast food in the garment district and a couple other scattered places downtown and there's the newly opened Peking Tavern with a limited menu and drinks. Also Paul's Kitchen in the produce district. But if you're talking about a regular sit down place where all the skyscrapers are, I can't think of any offhand.

    1. Wolgang Puck's take on Chinese - WP24 - at the Ritz Carlton/Marriot by Staples. Food is kind of unexciting (by LA standards) and $$$$ but the bathroom alone is worth a visit.

      1. Where will you be staying, and will you have access to a car?

        1. If you want Chinese among the office towers on Bunker Hill, the best is Taipan in the Wells Fargo Center (2nd floor, 3rd and Grand).

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            I think that's also the only one, since I believe Mandarin Cove in the Bonaventure is gone.

          2. $5 chinese, or $50 chinese?