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Oct 16, 2013 04:33 PM

Christopher Kimball's Halloween Letter

I have to admit, I read these letters every time my copies of Cooks Illustrated come in, and at the end of them, I almost inevitably feel dumber ("What was his point? I feel like he had a point and I've just missed it. Was there a point?") so I laughed a lot at this.

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    1. Hilarious! Both your post and the Letter. He's easy to take down, but hard to take down well. Thanks much.

        1. Love reading KImball's columns. His and Peter Egan (columnist of Side Glances, Road & Track magazine) are my fave magazine writers:

          1. very "welcome to night vale". I love it.

            "I couldn’t help but notice that some of you have been passing off our Hearty Beef Stew (October 2007) as our Best Beef Stew (September 2012). Never mind how I noticed. I noticed. That’s tale-telling, is what that is. Cook’s Illustrated can’t abide a liar." really made my day.