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Oct 16, 2013 04:23 PM

the flintridge proper

anybody been to this bar featuring 200 different gins?

i like gin in the daytime.

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  1. bumping.

    it's shockingly good. i mean, seriously, wtf is this place doing here in god forsaken strip mall of la canada kinda good.
    the bartenders flight of the night included botanist, st. george, and plymouth (i think), so I opted for the house gin which was no better than say, the botanist , but it is cool they're infusing vodka on site.

    also of note, the spicy duck wings may be one of the best non-mammalian things i've eaten all year, and that includes a duck 3-way at Patina. pairing that with a plate of quick pickles and dinner was served.

    all the pusillanimous "house" cocktails were tasty, save for the "proper manhattan", which came with an additional sidecar not because they used classic martini glasses, but because they half filled a modern martini glass. interesting. but... ok.

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    1. re: TonyC

      thanks for the report tonyc. ill have to try and mosey my way there.

      1. re: linus

        I think the cocktails are good and the atmosphere is pretty cool in a cozy-kinda way. Great service too.