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Oct 16, 2013 04:05 PM

Coquette or R'evolution?


Having a hard time choosing between Revolution and Coquette for dinner tomorrow night.Which do you recommend and why? Will also be eating at Cochin, Bachannal, and Luke.Thanks!

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  1. R’evolution will be more expensive and more over-the-top and I think a little more New Orleans. Coquette has a much smaller menu which you can view on line and determine if there is something you want to eat. I like the service and the cocktails a little better at Coquette. I think I would decide whether you want to spend an evening in the French Quarter or an evening Uptown on Magazine Street. Totally different kind of night.

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      Thank you!! Appreciate the response. Will definitely help us decide on where to go tonight.

    2. If you want creative food and warm service in a nice Uptown setting, Coquette. If you want mostly very good food that's higher priced and served by indifferent waiters, with a bevy of suits walking around with no clear purpose, go with RR.