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Oct 16, 2013 04:05 PM

Broadway Bites (Food Vendor Market) - 33rd and Broadway - 10/28 to 11/24

Sounds very similar to the Madison Sq Eats concept, just several blocks further up Broadway...

UrbanSpace and the 34th Street Partnership are thrilled to present the inaugural installment of Broadway Bites, a new food market in Manhattan's busy Greeley Square Park. Located at 33rd and Broadway, just across the street from Macy's, the market will spotlight many of the top culinary talents in New York, including many UrbanSpace favorites. Foodie powerhouses like Roberta’s, Red Hook Lobster Pound, Slide and Bar Suzette will serve delicious grub alongside newcomers like Bantam Bagels, Two Tablespoons, The Poffertjes Man and Bangkok Bar. Dan Delaney of Delaney Barbecue, who wowed diners at past markets with TacoTown, will be bringing Chiliville to Broadway Bites; and SoBar, an UrbanSpace Meatpacking favorite, will be back slinging cold pressed juices and other healthy fare.

As the market will be taking place outdoors as temperatures begin to drop, many of the vendors will be emphasizing comfort food, including hearty soups, chili, grilled cheese, doughnuts, warm apple cider, sliders and more.

The market will be open to the public from Monday, October 28th until Sunday, November 24th, from 11am-9pm.

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  1. Looks outstanding.

    Today I had a headcheese Cuban sandwich from Cannibal.

    I have a feeling I will be there a lot over the next month, as my office is more or less upstairs from it.

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    1. re: plf515

      "I have a feeling I will be there a lot over the next month, as my office is more or less upstairs from it."

      Me too!

    2. From what I saw yesterday, there may be even more vendors than there were at MSE. Don't think I saw "Chilliville" from the Delancey BBQ guys though.

      Can't wait to try Bangkok Bar, SoBar, Poffertjes Man and Jicama.

      1. Well, today I had the "cannibal dog" from Cannibal. Tripe ragu over a hot dog with (supposedly) crispy onions and some other things. The fact that I just ate it and don't know what the "other things" are is indicative

        These were really not very good. First, by the time I got to my office (1 block away), they were cold. And the ragu was colder than the hot dogs. And the hot dogs weren't particularly tasty.

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        1. re: plf515

          "These were really not very good. First, by the time I got to my office (1 block away), they were cold. And the ragu was colder than the hot dogs."

          Can't really blame them for the food getting cold on a 35 degree day, can you? I doubt they foresaw the weather getting this frigid at this time of year and just did not plan for it.

          On another note... I had the pad thai and a spring roll from Bangkok Bar the other day and both were quite tasty.

        2. I read somewhere online that Stuffed Artisan Cannoli was going to be there...did you see them?

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          1. re: pbjluver

            Yes they are there, right by the Jicama stand and Indian taco place.

          2. It's back until august 1st with a few new vendors like breads bakery. I think its laid out better than MSQ eats with more places to sit. Around 2pm this wet afternoon there weren't any lines to speak of, and just a few people at roberta's which is usually the most busy.
            I picked up a mushroom bell pepper gozeme (?) from Mmm Enfes (see terrible photo) that was a lavash roll. A little bland, it really needed some salt, and felt pricey at $8. The vendor with summer rolls looks new too, but $7.50 for two also sounded pricey- maybe i'm just cheap....(see bad photo 2) i passed them by and went for a compost cookie from milkbar :)
            Broadway bites is probably the best option for lunch that isn't k-town in the area.

            Anyone else been this year? Any can't miss recommendations?

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            1. re: Ttrockwood

              i went last week. i tried the arepa place, which was alright. i wish they stuffed the arepa with the filling, rather than serving it open faced. then also had an empanada from sonrisa, which was ok as well. i did get a bunch of corn cookies from milkbar, so i didn't leave totally dissatisfied.

              i think it runs all summer, so will have to try some of the other places out. but do agree, that most places seem a bit pricey. $5 for a taco/slider is a bit much i think.

              1. re: Ttrockwood

                According to your picture, you ordered the vegan gözleme, which is probably why it was dry and flavorless. All the other gözleme are made from thin dough cooked on a buttered griddle. The beef ones with a crisp skin and scattered with nigella seeds are my favorite.

                Other than mmm enfes, I'd make a stop at Macaron Parlour. The empanadas at La Sonrisa are okay from what I recall, but I prefer baked over fried.

                1. re: JungMann

                  Sounds like i just ordered the wrong thing! They had gul boreks there, which i really liked when i got one at their shop a while back.