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Oct 16, 2013 03:52 PM

Pizza Delivery - Culver City Area

Any suggestions on pizza delivery in the Culver City area, specifically to Shawn's Pumpkin Patch on Washington and Centinela for a party? We will probably need upwards of 10+ plus pies (for roughly 100 adults and 100 kids). I admit, I am a pizza snob (from NY) and my usual haunts in LA are Vito's and Joe's. But I think they are too far for delivery (and maybe too $$). TIA!

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    1. re: Servorg

      Of course you ALWAYS come through for me Servorg! Will probably go with La Rocco's (they are even offering a 10% discount).

      Any thoughts about Fresh Brothers? Someone suggested this, but even on their website it doesn't look that appealing.

      The Coop will not work because they are cash only.

      1. re: Obessed

        I'm trying to recall if I've had Fresh Brothers or not. I may have had delivery from them if they have more than one location? If it's the same place I had an issue with the crust. Just a little too much on the "cardboardy" side. Just took a look at their website and am pretty sure it was this place I tried delivery from. The crust was actually better the next day after I microwaved the left overs. Toppings were good and the sauce was fine.

        1. re: Servorg

          Thanks again Servorg. I am going with La Rocco's for sure. I'll let you know how it turns out.

          1. re: Servorg

            I agree... LaRocco's is better than Fresh Brothers...


            1. re: Dommy

              +1, and I really like Fresh Bros, mostly for their relatively easy and customizable online ordering and their occasional 20% off coupon codes. My wife likes the super-thin "skinny" crust they have.

              OP, Fresh Bros. is kind of the Fast-Casual take on pizza. Now, most people would probably say pizza is fast and casual, but I'm using the "industry" definition of Fast-Casual. Tender Greens, Burger Lounge, etc. Fast, super-friendly, more healthy or alternative dietary choices (FB has a tomato sauce with blended veggies for parents who want to sneak in some greens, turkey sausage, vegan "cheese", gluten-free, etc) in clean and modern facilities.

              I've only had LaRocco's once and it seems definitely like more old-school local Italian-American pizzeria style pizza.

        1. Victor Jr's is the other option in the area.. by the conservetory for coffee

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          1. re: AAQjr

            Where is Victor Jr's? Tried to find it on Yelp.

            1. re: bringiton

              Victor Jr's is on the north side of Washington, across from the studio, near Overland west of downtown Culver City.

          2. I love Victor Jr.'s, for their Italian beef sandwich with au jus, their eggplant parm, their meatball sub, their friendly service. But their pizza is thick and less successful to my taste and on the expensive side.

            100 adults and 100 kids. Most large pizzas are sliced into 8 wedges, sometimes 10. You need at least two slices per adult and 1+ per child if that is the main item, and that is if they are served with salad, bread, and other starters and dessert. You can ask the purveyor to slice your pizzas into smaller wedges so you get more servings -- a very good idea since most people think, "Oh, I can eat two slices." -- and there will be less waste. But I think you need at least 30 pizzas and I fear that won't be enough for 200 people.

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            1. re: nosh

              I was wondering about 10+ pies for 100 adults and 100 kids, especially depending on the age of the kids. It's hard to predict how much people will eat - like you said, it depends on what else is being served as well as time of day - but I'd be thinking more like 30 - 40 large pies.

              In CC, I like Grey Block (formerly Abbot's), but it's not cheap. For this big a crowd I'd be tempted to just go with Papa John's or Domino's, whichever has the best deal. I know, I know, blasphemy . . .

              1. re: cookie monster

                ...Good stuff for the adults, chain pizzas for the kids who don't care and would prefer it anyway.

                1. re: nosh

                  We got 27 pies from LaRocco's -- and had them double slice it so there were 16 slices per pie. 10 cheese, and the rest a mix of other toppings (pepperoni, mushroom, white pizza and their Puttanesca pizza was a huge hit). No salads, bread or other food except chips and candy. There were at least 150 adults and maybe 75 kids (aged 1-5) and we had plenty, even a few pies were leftover. Most importantly, the pizza was awesome and delivered steaming hot and on time (the party was at Shawn's Pumpkin Patch). Great recommendation Servorg! Thanks again.

                  1. re: Obessed

                    A great finish to the story. And they all ate happily ever after! Thanks for coming back to let us know (that was never in doubt) and glad it worked out. I'd come to one of your pizza parties any day of the week.

                    1. re: Obessed

                      Glad it worked out so well. I love the double-slicing trick. I always ask for that when I order large pies for a group, whether kids or adults. Fewer half-eaten slices ending up in the trash.

                      1. re: Obessed

                        YAY!!! Thanks for reporting back and glad it worked out! :D


                        1. re: Dommy

                          Also glad you had a successful occasion. Need help eating any leftovers?

                2. fwiw,
                  i've watched orders like this end up clogging the supply line at various pizza parlors.
                  if i were in this position myself, i'd probably try to divide the order between two different establishments so that the first 5 pizzas are not left cooling off while the restaurant tries to mollify the regular customers that walk in before refocusing on your take-out order.
                  1) i'd get an idea of what their oven capacity is
                  2) i would NOT assume that they would necessarily let everyone in the restaurant wait while they completely focused on your order.

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                  1. re: westsidegal

                    absolutely correct. thus my idea of independent pizzas for the adults and less expensive, more easily mass-produced chain for the kids.