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Oct 16, 2013 03:03 PM

Are there Michelin quality restaurants in Tel Aviv

My wife and I are foodies and love innovative and amazing food.
What are the absolute top restaurants in Tel Aviv.
We will have a car and are not offended by overly expensive restaurants.
The important thing is having those amazing one of a kind meals that you will never forget.
Please help me.

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  1. That's a good question, we have been wondering about it on "local forums". With the inflation of michelin stars that i have witnessed in the past years in cities like Paris and especially Manhattan, up to stages of "wtf how come this place may have stars so easily", i do think that few places would have been for sure good candidates also from Tel Aviv area.
    Two obvious candidates - Catit and Mol Yam. First one has a very good and pretty innovative chef, not to the extreme, in a pretty good way. Second one imports finest ingridients twice a week i think, and equally expensive. Both places are very serious and dedicated places but for sure i cannot vow for them being really really excellent or especially "extraordinary".. In local terms they are the the best to try in Tel Aviv for this genre.
    Another place that in my opinion worth a check - Chloelys in Ramat Gan, another serious establishment that leans strongly towards fish and seafood.
    Mesa is another candidate - altough cuisine wise it lacks a bit the "flair" that the decor has, but it is a place i surly like and especially for a very broad and reasonably priced lunch menu.
    There are some newer places that worth i think mention and might be nice to try, maybe check their menus online - Pastel, Taizu and Popina.

    Really don't know if any of them should be considered "amazing one of a kind" places and this is for sure a review of possibilities, in my dictionary nothing is "MUST TRY" in Tel Aviv and Israel in general, when it comes to the more expensive places, i think much excitment to be found in simpler places for sure.. Maybe Mol Yam on a really unlimited budget and for sure it depends what are your past expiriences..

    1. Not sure if it is too late but I would add Machenyuda to the list. It does not have the finesse of a Michelin star restaurant but in my opinion, the food is better than some Michelin restaurants I have eaten in and it def has a great atmosphere and has a fun Israeli flare.

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        Umm ... Machenyuda is not in Tel Aviv.

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          I know but they said they had a car and people come from all over the country. It does not have the pretentiousness of the Tel Aviv restaurants which I think is a good thing.

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            I will start this by saying that I am a huge fan of Macheneyehuda - but I have learned on these boards that a lot of people are bothered by the noise levels. I have no experience with Michelin stars or how that equates - but I think it's worth mentioning. For diners who don't enjoy a louder than average environment, it's a poor choice.