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Oct 16, 2013 01:48 PM

How do you use curry powder - other than curry?

Other than a dish intended to be curry, what do you sprinkle curry powder on? I have a jar of hot curry powder begging to be used in something other than a standard preparation. What are your favorite ways to add a hint of curry?

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  1. Add some to carrot soup (


    Use instead of S&P on cauliflower and roast it. Alternatively, make a curry yogurt sauce to serve with roast cauliflower.

    Use it in marinades, meatloaves...

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      I agree about using it in carrot soup and also squash soup and sweet potato soup. Fabu!

    2. pumpkin soup (and to carrot soup already mentioned also great)
      added to egg salad
      in deviled eggs
      added to chicken salad
      roasted potatoes
      breading for chicken cutlets
      not just in dip but also sprinkled over roasted brussel spouts, green beans and cauliflower (make a paste with olive oil and spread it over vegetables).

      1. Just so you know, 'curry' refers to the finished dish, and not to any specific ingredient or spice mixture. An Indian curry does not contain curry powder (though Thai-style curries do contain curry paste). You can't add a hint of curry to anything, any more than you can add a hint of stew or a hint of braise.

        That said, try browning some onions, stirring in some curry powder, and adding eggs and/or cooked potatoes.

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          that's true. Curry powder is what I was referring to.

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              Freshly ground coriander makes a difference here. The citrusy flavors are much more pronounced.

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                Thanks much JungMann. I'm going to give this recipe a try over the weekend. Luckily, I have all of the ingredients on hand.

          1. A bit of curry powder adds mystery and something delicious to a lot of sweets. Chocolate, shortbread, bananas, sweet potatoes all pair well with curry powder. Epicurious' curry coriander shortbread is actually the recipe that makes the most use of my curry powder.

            Egg salad and tuna also work well with curry powder, with both also benefiting from the additional spice of harissa. For some reason, I was just never a fan of curried chicken salad.

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              JungMann, would you share your link to that Epicurious recipe, thank you.

              I adore curried chicken salad! But I like it even more in eggs.

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                I mixed up tuna salad with Harissa for dinner tonight, great combination.