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Oct 16, 2013 01:28 PM

Favorite hot cocoa

Where do you go for a great cup of cocoa?

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  1. I like the hot chocolates at the LA Burdick chain in MA/NH, Dean's Sweets in Portland, & drinking cocoa affogatos at the Gelato Fiasco in Brunswick/Portland.

    1. There's great hot cocoa to be gotten at the Grunhaus Nordic Food cart at the corner of Elm and State in Montpelier, VT.

      I think I've heard there's great hot cocoa at Nutty Steph's exit 9 off interstate 89 in Middlesex, VT. I haven't had it prepared there, though. I buy her cocoa powder to make my own hot cocoa mix and have a cup of it every morning (I don't drink coffee).

      The hot cocoa at Champlain Chocolates is lovely, as well. You can get that on Church St. in Burlington or at their outlet in Waterbury Center.

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        Rather than going out for a cup --- What is the method for making a really scrumptious, rich cup of hot coco? In other words, does anyone have a good "recipe" if I wanted to make it? I'm not big on the stuff but my GF is, and this thread got me thinking I should try to make it for her with the cooler weather approaching. I'll guess it's quite easy, but the quality of the ingredients must be important? A certain kind of coco powder? Milk?

        1. re: Dave B

          I bet you'd get big points for making her a cup of homemade cocoa on a chilly day--
          For cocoa with cocoa powder, per 11-12 oz mug:

          1 heaping tbsp cocoa powder--you have many options here, but the darker, dutched powders make more chocolatey tasting cocoa than something like Hershey's. Valrhona 100% pure cocoa powder is my favorite, but there are many other good options out there available online or in the baking isle of Whole Foods/your local grocery/online.

          1 tbsp sugar (to start) you can add more to taste. I use raw or cane sugar as it's usually all I have, but I'm sure white is fine also.

          Add cocoa powder & sugar to a small saucepan. cover with about 1 tbsp of water. stir well--you'll end up with a slightly glossy looking paste. add a few additional drops of water if necessary.

          add a cup and a quarter of milk of any kind, or a mixture of milk & cream if you're looking for something richer --I usually measure the milk out in my drinking mug, leaving about an inch of room at the top, and a pinch of salt.

          On stovetop, heat at medium until desired temperature--don't boil. Stir/whisk well at the beginning, and occasionally while cocoa is heating up. Taste the cocoa--add more sugar, if desired. The more you whisk, the frothier your cocoa will be.

          top with grated chocolate, or a little cinnamon, or even whipped cream or marshmallow fluff!

          1. re: sultanaboudreau

            Yeah, don't think my recipe for cocoa mix would be the thing. It's not especially rich. I drink it every morning for my hot beverage, so I don't want something really rich or thick. :) Still, if you want my recipe, I can give it to you. It makes a big batch and you can adjust it how you want, I suppose. :)

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              Thanks much! That sounds quite easy. As soon as I score some good coco powder, I'll definitely give it a try.

              1. re: Dave B

                My super simple hot chocolate recipe is a mug of milk plus 1/4 to 1/3 cup of chocolate chips, nuke for 3 minutes, stir thoroughly. It's rich and chocolately without being oversweet.

                My chocolate of choice for this used to be Droste Pastilles way back when TJ's carried it. Now I use Ghirardelli chips, either the double chocolate bittersweet or the 60% cacao.

        2. Kaffe VonSolln in Portsmouth.

          1. I'll respond to my own post now :)

            I'm a fan of LA Burdick and Swan in Merrimack NH

            1. Lake Champlain Chocolates...there's the primary factory store on Pine Street, or retail store on Church Street in Burlington VT

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                They also have a retail store in Waterbury, right next to the Cabot Annex. :)