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Oct 16, 2013 01:14 PM

Good whisky store?

Does anyone know of a liquor store around Portland that has a particularly good whisky selection? I know we have excellent local artisanal spirits, but I'm looking for a place that also sells some interesting foreign selections, and one that might be willing to order a specific bottle if not in stock.

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  1. Any liquor store can special order for you.

    I find that Pearl Specialty and the liquor store on SE Hawthorne and SE 11th have particularly good selections of brown spirits.

    The store on SW 1st and SW Lincoln, and the one on NE Sandy at 30th (Hollywood Beverage) have great selections of amari.

    If you are looking for a particular spirit, you can find out if anyone has it in town, at the OLCC site:

    You might want to start at the OLCC site and see who has a few of the things that interest you...

    1. I would second Pearl Specialty -- just browsed it the other day and it had some big bottles of Woodford Reserve that I would kill for.

      1. Worth the drive to the Burbs for excellent staff and selection. Many of the top bars use them as their supplier.

        1. Seconding JillO's opinion on the SE Hawthorne and 11th liquor store.

          In NE, I've been particularly impressed by Rose City Liquor's selection:
          A good selection bourbons, ryes, american whiskeys, and scotch whiskys.

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            I was at Rose City recently, and was impressed. It's very large, like a liquor supermarket, and they also carry a lot of bitters/acoutrement/mixers/garnishes/etc.