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Oct 16, 2013 12:55 PM

Blue Nile vs Addis vs Asmara vs... for birthday dinner

Hi all, I know there's hot debate about the best Ethiopian in the Boston area. I'm trying to throw a birthday dinner for a group of about 10. The birthday boy wants the best/most authentic, someplace that's truly Chowhound-approved, over best ambience. But of course, should be a place that will be amenable to a group. What think?

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  1. Habesha
    535 Main St
    Malden, MA 02148
    (781) 399-0868

    1. I went to Blue Nile once and absolutely hated it, so I'd advise you to pick some place else. The food was not good. The Kitfo was tasteless, the Tibs were hard and dry and really chewy. Just not enjoyable food.

      Habesha is excellent, but has no atmosphere, so go for the food only. I love Addis and it has nice atmosphere as well. Currently though, my favorite is Asmara. Decent atmosphere and really tasty food.

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        I've been to Blue Nile a number of times, and I really like it. I've found the food to be consistent and quite good.

        I find Addis to be a bit more expensive when compared to other Ethiopian restaurants, and I like the food better at Blue Nile and at Fasika.

      2. Though I probably like Habesha the best right now, the downstairs area at Addis Red Sea (South End) is excellent for a group, and the food they serve is definitely solid---I've had a couple of birthday gatherings there myself! I'd recommend it.

        1. +1 for Habesha. An ethiopian friend of mine agrees.

          1. Thanks all! Leaning towards Habesha for the authenticity factor. Will report back.