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Oct 16, 2013 12:53 PM

blogTO goes to scarborough

So blogTO now has a best cheap eats in Scarborough list. Whatchya think about it?

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  1. That pic of a hamburger reminds me of a Rolling Stones Album cover! I rarely get out to the wilds of Scarborough, but it's good too see that the Roti Hut is still going. I used to eat there often from 1983 to 1997.

    1. I think they don't read DineSafe.

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      1. re: Googs

        Which is funny considering they report them every week! Also I nearly mentioned you in the post for that exact reason googs!

        1. re: LexiFirefly

          It IS possible to be both good and responsible. I don't know why certain restaurateurs and publications don't get that. BlogTO should have done the basic background check on this list. Bump the scofflaws and move on to the honest people.

          And just in case there's someone out there who isn't sick of me posting it, here's the CH map of Scarborough joints that are both:

          1. re: Googs

            Yes but try an pick the top 10 out of your list... that is where the real debate happens.. and where people start getting upset tthat there favourites are not included. and that is how youget a list like BlogTO's

            1. re: pourboi

              My point is they got votes for more than just 10 places. If, for example, 1 in the 10 is yellowcarded then why not move right along to the place with the next most votes that's also clean. Those owners work and pay for that cleanliness. They care about their customers. The others? Not so much. Why steer people towards something potentially hazardous to them? Is that going to improve Scarborough's reputation?

              I take no issue with anyone's taste. There are 108 places on the Scarborough Gems map. There are some I wouldn't even consider going to. That doesn't make me right. Just different.

              1. re: Googs

                Folks, just a quick reminder that health department ratings are generally considered off-topic for Chowhound. We appreciate that everyone is trying to keep this general, but it's probably best to let this aspect of the discussion go.

                1. re: Googs

                  Just because a place had been yellow carded in the past does not mean that "the owners dont care about there customers". Many places get yellow carded over things beyond their control. And tehre are many places that never have received a yellow card ever that I would never eat in ... or that treat there customers like crap.. So if BlogTO does a poll and a place that has been yellow carded gets in the top 10 then I think they deserve to be listed...

        2. I think could/should have advertised their list as the best cheap eats in Scarborough that are not Chinese. I almost think they are affiliated with the Globe and Mail in how they ignore this particular ethnic food. Maybe they just don't like Chinese food? Now if one does happen to like Chinese food, there are numerous HK style cafes with daily lunch/dinner specials incl. soup and a drink that cost from $6.99 - $7.99 each. Also there are dim sum places like Landmark Seafood where a group can have a satisfactory dim sum lunch for less than a lunch at McD's. Scarborough also has inexpensive Vietnamese Pho and Korean places, but I guess they are also not good enough to make blogTO's list.

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          1. re: T Long

            This is the "Best of" Voted by their readers... so if the BlogTO readers don't go for Chinese then they will not make the list...

            1. re: pourboi

              Thanks for that clarification. For casual readers of BlogTO like myself, that may not be top of mind when they read these lists. It would have been useful/helpful if they had mentioned somewhere in the article that the list was "as voted by our followers". As it was, they presented it with a byline suggesting that it was written with some (journalistic?) investigation. I will know better next time.

              1. re: pourboi

                Ah!! Thanks for the clarification!!
                So I guess all the readers of blogTO likes to eat Roti, Curries and Middle Eastern only??!! Ha!

                1. re: Charles Yu

                  Charles, if it makes you so angry, why not start your own publication based on Asian food enthusiasm, and rank whatever you like as you see fit?

                  Alternatively, you could write the editors and take issue with their list?

              2. re: T Long

                T Long! Bravo! You took the words right out of my mouth!!

                12 places mentioned in a Chinese predominant area and not a single Chinese eatery mentioned! Now that's investigative reporting for you!! They must have taken a page out of CNS previous work!! Ha!!

                In addition to your aforementioned Hong Kong style cafe, their so called foodie scouts obviously did not realize or have not come across the dozens of eateries that can offer a plate of ultra yummy Cantonese Roast or BBQ meat with rice + Drink + Soup for the price of a single Big Mac sandwich!! May be they should re-do that article by first driving down Midland from Steeles and start visiting every single strip plaza along that stretch??!!

                1. re: T Long

                  I was also surprised by the sheer lack of Cantonese restaurants. Maybe it's not worth it to most readers if they aren't open at 3am with cold tea! Ha!

                2. Timing of that was interesting as the family was planning to go to El Pulgarcito this weekend for pupusas

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                  1. re: air621

                    OKKAYY so, I drove to the El Pulgarcito address that was posted on their Yelp page... only to discover that it has been replaced by some kind of Biriyani restaurant...


                    Apparently it's at Birchmount and Sheppard now?

                  2. I like the list. I've been to a little over half of them. I did wonder how they missed Al Tanoor and it's special.
                    However, pourboi pointed out the criteria. So I now know.


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                    1. re: Davwud

                      I think Al Tanoor flies a bit more under-the-radar, even for local residents. Everyone knows about Shawarma Empire... but I had to introduce my office to Al Tanoor (via Chowhound, of course).

                      Our resident Shawarma expert - who gets his beefs Shawarma's with nothing but hummus so he can taste the beef - highly approves.

                      That being said, the service at Al Tanoor is comically bad and has been the butt of many jokes (though that has never stopped us from going there).

                      1. re: mnajji

                        I use the term "Charmingly bad" but ya.....